Basic Gardening Tips : Common Mistakes When Gardening

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Learn how to start and maintain a garden in this free gardening video. Expert: Tia Pinney Bio: Tia Pinney is a Teacher Naturalist and Adult Program Coordinator at Mass Audubons Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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djnorth911 says:

Since the weather has been so hot my small garden that I’ve been growning (In plastic bins next to my apt. building) Have been wilting From the heat So I’ve been watering it every day normaly around mid day is this too much water. Also what time of day should I be watering them?

vegpatch19 says:

Great vid. Pop by my blog for some great handy gardening hints.

barkershill says:

To some extent you are right , but plants also require space to spread out their leaves to photosynthesise, only by doing this can they utilise the nutrients you are putting on them. PLUS just like animals stocking them too closely makes them more vulnerable to disease.

Lisa Van Til says:

Overwatering really is among the common mistakes of gardeners who are still trying their hand on gardening. I say, most of the time, not knowing how to arrange your garden accordingly produces this result most of the time. Some plants are “heavy drinkers” while others aren’t. The trick is to know what to plant next to each other so they get the amount of moisture they require.

dayspeace says:

this is really a great help. thanks for sharing.

mrsiepel1 says:

“You will find moisture down there”

Oh those sexy plants!

janeharrisonuk says:

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NellaFan1 says:


Productii says:

Nice. Someday, all people will be gardening their own vegetables, and eat peacefully with their families. On THIS earth.

GardenToolCaddy says:

Great video! Thanks for the advice.

Bazanteria says:

you also want to see video: “how to clean your nails after gardening” 😀

connvee3 says:

GREAT tips for a novice who was just hired to be an expert! Go figure!!

vividDC says:

This is a good video, helpful to me. I am just starting my own garden, mainly herbs and vegetables, and got some good advice from this video. I found this very useful tool online for my garden, called Weed Killer Cane, very practical and useful. Just thought I’d pass it on – weedcaneDOTcom

donze52 says:

garden area is also a great place to hide cash,
wife and I grow massive garden, funny how locals beg for help, and I offer them food in my garden and they respond with can you bring it over. sad world we live in,
every kid can play on the computer by the hour, but never ever grew a plant that produces food, nothing can go wrong with this world.

zoomerlawns says:

Another common mistake is pouring gasoline on the whole thing and lighting it on fire. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.

ArizonaAdventures says:

good advice on the water

ruapraia says:

Thanks for yet another great tip. I’m always willing to learn.

AdeptAlbatross says:

Great info!!

ryan100ryan says:

if you want a great how garden to dvd for a good price go to my channle click the link under the trailer

Waxfiretape says:


llcyll says:

I believe she is wrong about the number of pumpkin plants in that bed resulting in smaller pumpkins. If you are going to plant that amount of pumpkins then what should be done is making sure the required nutrients are there now for that number of plants. Adding more compost, regular applications of compost tea, etc. I recommend people to always learn from various schools of thought and experiment for themselves.


good info thank you

pepperjoe12 says:

Good video…keep in mind Mother Nature doesn’t water/rain every day. Check out my videos for Gardening tips.

Praxxus55712 says:

Those pumpkins look large enough for my needs. I don’t need a pumpkin bigger than a volkswagon. 🙂

jihadacadien says:

There are no mistakes….only learning opportunities .

MatthewsTech says:

I’m thinking the same……..

coirgreen says:

Does anyone use Growbags (Combination of coco peat and/or husk chips) to grow Tomato’s? Growbags are 100% natural and environmentally sustainable, used widely in the industry due to the benefits of the product for Tomato growing…

Help protect our environment, use environmentally friendly products.

donze52 says:

Your wisdom is evident, but hope you consider wild gourd tea, as it does not kill bugs but rather stop them from eating your crops. always test on one type of plant to make sure of no problems. but I have in my years found nothing better as a bug repellent for plants

ToyMaster83 says:

I like using my insect friends to eat the bad insects. I do not use organic or chemical pesticides any more. I promote the good bugs in my garden to eat them– or use safe traps, like beer traps or coloured plastic in water to attract certain bugs or my hands to catch them. The BEST way to fight off bugs is to have healthy plants as they produce their own natural pesticides. Growing in nutrient rich compost produces REALLY healthy plants. There is nothing like it.

ToyMaster83 says:

..people make mistakes. It may not be a mistake, but someone may have a better way of doing something. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to growing vegies, but there is always someone who knows more. I am open to suggestions and trying new ways. If the new ways work better, I employ those new ways. Open minds allow us to grow and continue to learn.

donze52 says:

the worst mistake is not to much water, as I use only rain water and save it till I need it.
the worst mistake is using pesticides.
I use a bug repellent for my plants.
I use wild gourd leaves and make a tea to spray on my plants. Nothing in the bug world eats wild Gourd leaves so your plants are safe.

AntiPrankPerson says:

YES! Over-watering! You are so correct!!! WOW, this youtube is pretty cool!

JesusChrist5000 says:

What kind of dumbass would grow pumpkins, except some Halloween geek

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