Basic Gardening Tips : How to Create Good Growing Soil

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Learn how to create good growing soil when growing a garden in this free gardening video.. Expert: Tia Pinney Bio: Tia Pinney is a Teacher Naturalist and Adult Program Coordinator at Mass Audubons Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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atomrocketman says:

steven colbert is everywhere

JeremiahJohnson84 says:

Oh man that is awesome, SUBSCRIBED! Check out my videos if you have time..

thegreangardener says:

i have rased gardens how do you treat the soil to be used for next year

vegpatch19 says:

Some great information here. Thanks.

fearless030802 says:

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capriat60 says:

Looks like good soil. Goo work. I use a small tiller, an automatic one, and give first a rough till, then add our own compost to it, and perlite, it works too. If you are living in our area please come and get the tiller, it helps a lot. Vote your tips and will be watching all summer so thanks!

MAHA Haiku says:

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MAHA Haiku says:

“Without its all’s blind/ To know it is to know life/ Benevolent sun.” Follow my work on Twitter: @MAHAHaiku Cheers!

operator657 says:

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MetalheadMitch762 says:

thanks so much!!

11871 says:

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anthonyfilter says:

never add sand to clay it  sets like concrete!

RaidenTheAlmighty says:

Clay and sand hold moisture.

2wiceawitness says:

If the soil in her compost bucket was from a good ‘hot’ compost it would be fine. Anyway who says perfection is the goal? try to relax a bit people geeez! This is just a simple easy little task she’s doing. It’s great because she makes it look easy which it is.

rambo440hp1 says:

Well if you knew what composting does to weed seed, it would not be so odd to ya.

RP4REVO says:

Please explain which seeds would be good in this world economic crisis. I dont want to buy worthless seeds

davis1105 says:

So, she’s telling us she’s going to put weed seeds in her compost pile??? And then use THAT to amend her new bed to avoid the very weeds she’s just cleared? This is ridiculously bad advice and would cause unnecessary work for a new gardener, and could ruin a newbie’s compost pile. .

capricechild92 says:

Pour soil ammender – super soil- orange bag, on top and turn it in with spade. Water, Done. Wait till spring, add seeds..learn more by visiting your local library- ask the old ladies..

dayspeace says:

this are really wonderful tips.

piehole19 says:

Double digging is an unnecessary amount of labor. If you are starting a new ground bed, cover the soil with a thick layer of newspaper and/or cardboard, dump the compost on top. If you prep in the fall you can plant in the spring.

Also DO NOT add sand to clay soil, ever. Clay and sand make what?  Bricks.

LightSwitchNation says:

i would only use this for weed

mrdreadeye808 says:


selfmadeboys88 says:

Its a crime what they are trying to do, but im new to gardening, only 22, and im wondering where is a good place to get non gmo seeds, or the privatized ones that monsanto is producing?

I saw a website called “” Is it trustworthy?

Thanks for any help guys.

attilaclark says:

A raised bed garden is some work up front but it pays you big time. Most people will quit gardening because they are sick of fighting off the weeds that will come in from the sides and all the rows have to be weeded. With a raised bed design you get rid of the weeding on the sides and eliminate the rows. Just add compost and plant it thick. 80% reduction in the amount of work you will do to maintain the garden.

DjKehmist says:

Agreed, Fuck Monsanto!

MrHummingbirdgeek says:

There’s some really great new products for the garden nowadays including Mycorrhizal fungi to improve the soil. You can even buy live bumblebee nests off the internet called Beepol hives!

leitchdebra says:

super helpful! thanks for posting

SlothiesBuds says:

thx, u really helped me!

hitachi088 says:


TFSTrader says:

double digging has been found to destroy the natural soil structure, necessary to a native ecosystem, and the bottom layer you are bringing up is devoid of the microorganisms that live in the top 4 inches of soil, better to leave the soil structure alone and add organic materials on top of the soil, allowing the native organisms in the soil to work it.

benearle33 says:

Great video. In fact, the best video on soil I’ve seen so far. I am a beginner gardner and I appreciate your knowledge. I like how you get right to the point.

hexum4201 says:

Anything else we can use besides your compost?

GardenToolCaddy says:

Great video! Thanks for the advice.

chest002 says:

I can answer that question. NO. While the compost is warm and being broken down into microbes, it is too hot for the worms. The worms go in after the compost has worked. The processed compost should go into a seperate bin or location to be stored for use. This is the time worms can be added. The processed compost is now broken down small enough for worms to eat. do not add colored paper, citrus peels, onions, or greasy garbage to compost.

battlefieldtalk says:

Is it good to put worms in your composter? To help break it down to dirt?

chest002 says:

for 1000 sq feet of garden apply 40 lbs of gypsum. along with the organic material. Gypsum will break down the clay.

vividDC says:

I use this product in my garden, which also significantly reduces bending over, helps my back a lot. It is for killing weeds, thought I’d pass it on to fellow gardeners – weedcaneDOTcom

ShawnZaflo says:

i like how the description says that it’s a “free” gardening video. hahaha

WarcraftAddicts says:

i thought this was a man

knetasimmons says:

Targeting all the BBW women here

MIgardener says:

this is a very good and informative video! thank you, ill have to try this in some of my videos!

MrEnergyCzar says:

I made an organic raised planter garden so you don’t have to bend over as much….

GregTanzerSprinklers says:

Greg Tanzer Sprinklers and Outdoor Design can ensure that this garden never suffers from the winter blahs!

Monkeyboymanperson says:

6 people didnt click dat green thumb… Get it ? XD

BlasphemousPothead says:

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ryan100ryan says:

if you want a great dvd for a great price just go to my channle and click the link under the trailer

aus2045 says:

what is ‘come powste’

MrSybertek says:

For one thing you do not need to dig 12 to 18 inches. All you have to dig is 6 inches down and you will be amazed. Ever here of Square Foot Gardening? He has grown veggies on farms for decades in only 6″ of turned soil and that is all you need. Don’t let people insist that you break your neck and back digging 18″ when all you have to do is go 6″ and water it every other day and you will get the same results. Even carrots will grow just fine.

EvenKeelMedia says:

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