Building a Vertical Pallet Garden

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Building a Vertical Pallet Garden Last week we saw David Walrod transform a block wall with pallets for a very special Urban Dirt fan. This week David breaks down how to build a pallet garden as well as mount it on a block wall. He’ll walk you through locating the perfect pallet then break down the building of the pallet from start to finish. *** Linkage (Mentioned by David Walrod) *** *** Season 1 BackYard Makeover Playlist *** *** Season 2 Playlist *** *** Holiday Videos PlayList *** *** Visit Us *** Facebook: Twitter: Google+: *** About Urban Dirt *** Urban Dirt hosted by landscape designer, David Walrod, has began its second season! This season we will continue to explore the world of urban gardening in search of inspiration, education, and resources to incorporate green space into our everyday lives. David, along with his sought after garden and landscape experts, will guide us along sharing tips and tricks that will ensure garden success and enjoyment! *** New Episodes Every Thursday! *** *** Credits *** Starring: David Walrod Director of Photography/Post-Production: Jose Bazan Created & Produced by David Walrod & Jeremy Romero Music by: FVG

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lamh9798 says:

Is this okay to do to my concrete block foundation to my house? I have a brick house with a walk-out basement. Some smaller pallet planters might look nice

WisVeggieGardeners says:

Love using what you already have and finding

jayefran says:


Molten4 says:

Great idea!! Love it. Was a bit distracted by the biceps but I managed to get some really good diy ideas! Thanks.


handsome guy i like u.

Candice Suter says:

That was a really great video you guys! And nice guns David!  Hee hee! Of course I shared on facebook! Great information and should be easy to follow!

ButterusFX says:

I think it’s the music that needs a little work besides that i really like thoughts you are sending out to the masses. Keep up the good work!

ButterusFX says:

this is one of the coolest things i’ve seen in a long time way to go guys 🙂

UrbanDirtTv says:

Thank you for taking the time for constructive feedback! 🙂 We can’t fix current episodes but you may wish to check out the Valentines Day Episode for some topless Goodness 🙂 -Urban Dirt Crew

quietearthprod says:

Fantastic!!! Such great information!

DogDraco says:

Ok, now I know how it’s done thanks to David’s easy to understand presentation.

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