Building an outdoor fireplace

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Pictures of my construction of an outdoor fireplace

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Adrian Glenn Bionat says:

I think your dogs would like to live in it.

Precisionforensic says:

Sorry for multiple posts, i was running out of room.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Any design changes you would have made?


Precisionforensic says:

This is EXACTLY what i am looking for. I am in the process of doing the patio and the next stage is a fireplace and pizza oven. I have the pad for the fireplace done, just looking for the right plans so that I do it right.

I’m curious why you filled the firechamber blocks with cement. Is that necessary?

Is there special morter for the heat bricks or can you use regular?

emilllyxxx says:

Thanks for posting. I have been searching for something just like this.

bottomgunner says:

Thanks for looking at my pictures. I put a 3/16 by 4 inches wide flatbar across the top of the archway to give it more support. I used 3/8 rebar in the bricks where i started angling in the smoke chamber. i did not fill those with cement. I filled the the cinder blocks i made the firechamber with cement. I used a 1/4 flat plate on top of the smoke chamber with a hole about 18 inches square for the building of the chimney. Came all the way to the top of the arch with fire bricks. used martor

glloydtax says:

Just curious. Did you reinfore your smoke chamber with rebar and pour it with concrete? Also, what is lining your smoke chamber. How far did you go up with the firebrick? Is it lined with fireclay?

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