Building my Outdoor Fireplace and Patio surrounding Wall

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A montage of photos taken over the course of building my outdoor fireplace. It’s not completely finished yet – all but the rendering and painting! Roll on Summer – BBQ’s, beers, pool parties! Not bad for a 41 year old chick from Te Awamutu! Have only managed to do it over the school holiday breaks as (being a teacher) it is too busy during the term and most weekends are taken up with kids sports! Copyright note: I do not own the songs I have playing during this montage. I have now finished, so check out my NEW video of the whole process!

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SinistrV6 says:

Looks great! You mention a video of the finished product but I don’t see one listed. Is there one? Would love to see it.

monstajosh71 says:

great work – very much what I want mine to look like. brilliant and cheers!

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

I used a product called (in NZ) Celcrete which is aerated concrete panels. You buy them in different dimensions – the ones i used were 75mm x2200x600mm. I used two on top of each other and the one extra slices up the middle and doubled over (if that makes sense0 basically it is two sheets of this AAC product. i am sure they will have something similar in your country. it is also fire proof which is great. Google AAC panels

stillapom says:

Hi, can you please tell me how you constructed the flat surface above the first two layers of concrete blocks?

BayouBoggie says:

i love this i have a patio and what to add a fire place but my husband wants a fire ring. i don’t have a fire place in my house so i would love to have the fireplace. not only that i’m a photographer and it would be a great outdoor seating for family pics. i could really decorate with a christmas wreath and such. great work 🙂

nick nelson says:

this looks great. 

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

Cheers Cuz!

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

Yeah i did – i laid the whole inside with firebricks! and used refractory cement. Cheers

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

I laid the foundations about 500mm deep! below the surface.

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

I got the Flue made by a steel fabricator. I made it out of cardboard first to ensure it fitted exactly… and it did! I used just over a Pallet of Cinder blocks. I used the 15 series block for the wall and a mix of 20 and 10 series for the fireplace.

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

Thanks so much. It was so much fun to make!

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

LOL – Cheers Mate!

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

You CAN do it too. I had never laid a brick or used concrete…ever! i bought a concrete mixer and watch You Tube clips and consulted with Dr Google!

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

Yeah i just got a pallet of bricks from Bunnings and used them. I did however, use special (expensive) fireproof bricks on the inside of the firebox. I haven’t had many fires in it – but the two I have had, seemed not to cause any cracking.

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

I made the whole thing out of cinder blocks but I lined the firebox with refractory brick (fireproof bricks) with fireproof cement. The inside of the flu – I had made by a steel fabricator but it only goes up about 25 cms and the bricks surround it and go up higher.

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

Thanks so much. It was surprisingly easy and Fun to build!

AveIvy says:

Wow! This was so fun to watch. You had two of my favorite things, a diy project and a great soundtrack.

deeveus1 says:

Hi, are those just standard bricks from Mitre10/Bunnings? They take the heat ok? Do you know what the bricks are called?

aminajamestv says:

unbelievable..I don’t want to sound condescending because i am younger than you..but i am proud of you..this is amazing and inspiring…GREAT WORK!

BarneySaysHi says:

Nice job there!

shitzer9 says:

Couple of concrete goblins on the pillers would be the biz

danyellcharles says:

awesome job, I’m inspired!

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

Email me and I will give you more information.

Robert Russell says:

Excellent work on your fireplace and wall. I’ve been searching any resource I can find on how to build an outdoor fireplace an yours is pretty much what I’ve been looking for. How many cinder blocks did you use? Did you use fire resistant mortar? What did you line the firebox and flu with?

MrCliffass says:

Kick azz!!!!

bonanzatime says:

That’s Impressive

Carol-Lynn Hill says:

Thanks so much. It does look good I must say. Sadly we are now moving to another town for our kids educational needs and we wont get the use of it! I do have another video which shows it all finished. Thanks for watching.

bucho29 says:

This looks very good!!! I am in the process of doin an outdoor fireplace myself. It’s on hold right now because there is a backlog on concrete in Texas. I know, I know, why would I want an outdoor fireplace in Texas. Well I think it compliments my backyard because I have 2 concrete slabs in my backyard. One has an outdoor kitchen and the other has a gazebo on it. In the middle of them both will be my outdoor fireplace. Nice job though!!

310juice1 says:

ur hard work came out good.Keep building

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