Container Gardening Tips

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Award winning garden expert Steve Brookes shares great fun and informative gardening tips. These tips are about container gardening.

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FriendlyLittleCorner says:

Very good information. Thank for sharing

JudithCurley says:

I think this is really good, my grandsons just made me a youtube acount


Can you say irony, a master gardener afraid of getting his hands dirty, hahahaha. Pair of tights” hahaha. I wonder if the mustache is real. Cheers Steve, keep gardening and sharing, with luv.

vegpatch19 says:

Great vid. Pop by my blog for some great handy gardening hints.


Wellie Wellie Well then.

ElveeKaye says:

Isn’t it a bad idea to let plants grow on the brickwork? The bricks and mortar will break down faster, plus you’ll get loads of spiders in the leaves. Sure looks lovely, though. I love the sight of ivy-covered walls!

Gehenna71 says:

I take it as a part of my summer outfit and make-up. Some people wear rings, I wear dirt 🙂 

Lisa Van Til says:

Dirty hands are just among the fun traits a gardener has, right? 🙂

Lisa Van Til says:

You’ll definitely know a gardener by seeing that, haha!

10hershel says:

Spraying the wall with a chemical fert seems like a great way to start some damage to the bricks growing. Try a wooden trellis leaned against the wall instead.

Volle013X says:

in my country, plastic pots cost $2.30, but terracotta of a bigger size cost only $0.35

Gehenna71 says:

It’s the international sign for gardeners to recognize each other 🙂

Gehenna71 says:

I should do sometimes. When handling raspberries and roses 🙂

Volle013X says:

i do… sometimes ;P but im fine whenever my fingers get ‘composted’

Volle013X says:

first video seen!



Gehenna71 says:

I always have a uncontrollable laughing attack when gardeners give tips to keep your fingers clean 🙂 Not even with gloves people! Who wants to wear gloves in the garden anyway?

FreidasGarden says:

Learned a new word, Wellies. I like that word!

dayspeace says:

great work. keep up the good work.

gardenguidebook says:

check out my channel

bowler8 says:

The slow release pellets don’t seem to disintigrate, I’ve found lots of themyears later.

bowler8 says:

won’t that ruin yr bricks?

avrilbarnes says:

Ever heard of a gardener who’s doesn’t want dirty nails!!?

GardenToolCaddy says:

Great video! Thanks for the advice.

Matt Leigh says:

Tites on his Wellies? …. Are those your panty-hose? Is your name Mary?

Matt Leigh says:

Doesn’t want dirt in his nails? …. Um, Nancy-Boy?

treefrog2108 says:

You have to hand it to the man he’s always thinking.I bet he has a shedload of crazy inventions.

HoboNetWeaver says:

hahah 1:16 “you get your nail full of compost!”

Mondoshawn says:

the voice of this guy is amazing :-)

picatsoforfma says:

I don’t think I would use the slow relese pellets. I’m growing produce so I would want to be organic.

donze52 says:

I grew $30 worth of hot peppers in a pot last year, $30 in food, medicine and weapons, for less than a dollar in cost.
donze52 films

ok3618a says:

i disagree!

naztazia says:

Great tips!

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