Edible Flowers that I am growing and YOU can grow too!

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John from www.growingyourgreens.com shares with you some edible flowers he is growing in his garden. The flowers that will be discussed include Rose, Feijoa, Kale, Nasturtium, Scarlet Runner Bean, Cilantro, Celery, Summer Squash, Borage, Violas, Marigolds, Pansies, Basil, Mallow, and Aloe Vera.

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Hellion Hastings says:

Don’t bother watching his videos if you think he is lame, nutrition and gardening are the basics of life so just go die

tharodsta says:


Mrsbluedog55 says:

This guy is lame! 

IWantToKnowChrist says:

do all edible plants have edible flowers?

Arthur Hau says:

A reason why honey can actually be better than pollen is that honey has some nature antibiotics in it that may be good for your digestive system. Enjoy your pollen while still consume some honey occasionally. Cheers.

electricfemale says:

What a beautiful and fun video, thank you for sharing this.

Magnolia4153 says:

Love all your videos!

RromaBoi says:

Love your vids. John ! Just a lil fyi, when you eat rose petals pinch off the white part at the base of the rose petal and it tastes much better also the marigold you want to eat is called Calendula officinalis the one you ate in the vid. is a tagetes marigold and not for eating. Other than that I loved the vid. !

growingyourgreens says:

zuchinni tends to sprawl out about 1.5-2 feet in either direction, so I would plant them 2 ft away to be safe.

MrandMissConverted says:

Hello, I want to use nasturtiums as a companion plant for zuchini but unsure of the distance between the plants within a container.

How far apart should the plants be from each other?

How deeply and widely does each of their roots need to roam to be healthy?

0987654321libra says:

Learnt a lot from this, great information, thanks.

fosterfields says:

thank you for this video, i have learned how wonderful these flowers can be to us. great job,hope to see more of these video. linda

fbmbassist says:

I like to juice the green carrot tops. It’s a nice way to balance out the sweet carrot juice. Or I add it to regular green juice (like kale, apple, lemon, etc.).

fbmbassist says:

I’m so glad I watched this video…my aloe plant has been flowering and I ate a flower to experiment, and it was delicious! I quickly went online to make sure it wasn’t poisonous, and I figured I should search your videos first. Phew! To me, the aloe flower tastes like a sweet cucumber. I added rock dust minerals so I bet that makes the flowers taste even better. I don’t know if it just me, but the flowers near the bottom (that are about to drop) seem to taste sweeter than the ones near the top.

amyburns1999 says:

Always inspiring videos! I’ve just received my nasturtium seeds from Baker’s along with many other packets. I’d like to throw honeysuckle on to the list of edible flowers. I remember hot summer afternoons as a kid when I competed with the bees to see who could collect the most nectar! Keep up the great work.

jakeboy588 says:

what flowes shouldnt u eat?

succulentesculent says:

@growingyourgreens could i be shooting forth something, re the orange roots sharply contrasting leaves i too tried technical ingestible fact but didn’t get past taste peacefully literally it would dry my mouth… except ironically when i air dehydrated them they powdered in my bitesalivatingly, altered well for my change to turn accordingly. which is the epitome to me. i since heard they can be alkaloid @ strong aroma stage which is subdued to nice funk when they wither. sprinkle variety states~

havfaith56 says:

I love your videos . One of the few gardening site that goes beyond theory. Thanks.

musclesmatthews says:

Man can I live with you? You r so lucky I’ve never seen an aloe flower before that is rare…. Props to ur garden it’s great!

hoplite46 says:

its a yukky herb

ChaosButterfly8 says:

were they Monsanto seeds?

greensings says:

Thank you for the response John. Love your videos and what you doing.

growingyourgreens says:

Not sure. Might be bad seeds? Weather conditions not right? too hot, too cold? 

growingyourgreens says:

Many leaves in the garden MAY be edible. Its hard for me to give an exact answer without knowing the specific plant. I would reccomend doing a google search to see if other greens of plants are edible. Carrot tops, for example, are edible, but I rarely eat them, they dont taste so good..

markcossin says:

Thank you so much this is fantastic to know! Inspirational!!

ChristianBatesAudios says:


greensings says:

John, I eat beet tops but often wondered what other leaves I could be eating from my garden. Could you talk about this?
I love this video on edible flowers.

bcgarden2010 says:

i see in farmers markets they usually just sell the male squash flowers, and i think its because the male flowers don’t turn into a fruit later so you’re not really diminishing the productivity of the plant. 🙂

mrtilley66 says:

wow John, saw your vid walked to my garden picked a squash flower and the darn thing taste good the wife just said I was nuts.good vid.

GardenCalifornia says:

Great video! Never ate a flower before. Well, I had honeysuckles, but I’ll have to try more. I do eat cooked food, but I still love a lot of things both cooked AND raw… My favorite raw foods– all fruits, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, beets, broccoli, shredded cabage, lettuce, zucchini or yellow squash, pumpkin, even ptoatoes (I just cut them thing and sprinkle a little salt on it, yeah I know, but I think its kinda yummy 🙂 )

kaushikanu says:

I tried to grow cilantro? My Cilantro did not sprout. Do you know why?

GettingThereGreen says:

although I know that many vegetable flowers are edible, I don’t want to sacrifice the vegetable it would turn into if I didn’t pull off the flower and eat it! such as squash. I don’t want to miss out on that great squash that the flower is going to turn into. ~Amanda

crewlla says:

you can make rose cake and that is delish….. yummy

TheUrbanOutdoors says:

Hey Jon, do you ever cook food, or you’re a raw food guy? Seems like maybe you just forage…hahaahaa. It seems that you’d have some interesting recipes and salads.

growingyourgreens says:

In this video I talked about bee pollen. Honey is a whole ‘nuther topic. Honey, as a sweetener is better than “man-made” sweeteners such as agave, but not better than nature’s best sweetener- fresh fruits. We should all be eating more fresh fruits and less concentrated sweeteners, whatever they may be.

mysciencenow says:

very educational

zekehooper says:

John, I thought that honey had some good things in it also for us? Don’t the bees add some sort of enzyme or something to the honey? Good vid as always.

mothmanifest says:

great video! i am a big edible flower fan.

playmovnat says:

wow John Kohler….so informative!!!! thank you for the post

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