Garden Tips and Tricks

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Some gardening tips that have helped me

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markhess says:

Thanks Marshall! Nice to hear from fellow Georgian gardeners! – Mark

marshallhenderson81 says:

nice garden

krisachar says:

Nice video !


donze52 says:

the more you garden the less the feds, and walmart can enslave you.
donze52 has films also

markhess says:

Honestly, I was a little surprised by this too. We use to have a rental house where the air condition drainage hose would some times get moved and water would back up in the unit and into the house. However, for some reason, it works fine on my unit. It may be a function of having a newer unit (rental house was old). You might try it while the air is running and you can keep and eye on it to see how it does. The extra, free and clean water has really helped the plants.

stymye says:

Mrk on the A/C water, the water will go up into the bucket obviously as you have shown .I didn’t know that was possible! how does the water keep from siphoning back into the unit , do you have a check valve installed? Thanks for posting the tips I’m a subscriber now.

markhess says:

We have purple martins near by that help with the gnats.  The lower wire of the 2 electric fence wires is “supposed” to keep rabbits out. Although, my wife told me she was gathering green beans and parted the plants to look for hidden beans and there, very still, was a baby bunny. I don’t think his mommy could get in but apparently he could. I suppose I need to lower that bottom wire a little more, eh?

coschroe says:

I appreciate your gardening videos. Why aren’t you slapping at pesky insects? I can hardly stop near the garden to look at it without being attacked by gnats and mosquitoes. Your electric fence wire looks higher than a rabbit’s head. Does it keep out the small veggie eaters?

LGYoung says:

Well-done video!

I’m vegetable gardening for the first time this year, and really appreciate any tips I can get.

Looking forward to more,

Laura in Colorado

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