Gardening Tips – Tomato Plants

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How to keep your tomato plants healthy. Award winning garden expert Steve Brookes shares great fun and informative gardening tips.

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wpm44 says:

Great video. I never would have thought of vacuum fluff. I have an amazing tomato growing video on my channel. I actually had a really nice volunteer tomato plant grow out of a concrete wall! If you see it let me know what you think and how that may have happened?? Thanks.

Donna Taggart says:

I repaired vacuums for 13 years Before becoming a nurseryman. Yep, compost pile is a good place for this…at least out here in the country, not so much if you live in a high metal contamination levels

imissmypandacar says:

well if it makes me vacume the house more its a good thing…lol. i am also concerned about whats in my bag tho..yep..mostly dog hair.

DeadAceVideos says:

I want to grow some pumpkins can anyone give me advice?

109ejg says:

We have kids and a dog. No way would I mt the vac bag in the garden.

YellowKoalaPants says:

huuuuhhh thats cool

DontTread83 says:

do = so

DontTread83 says:

I wouldn’t of believed him if he didn’t have the English accent. But he does, do I have to do this now

ktkanz says:

what about dryer lint…hehehe…

skimenneske says:

not at all, but the different nutrients whatever there is will be transported all the way through the stems and in to the fruits, or else the fruits wouldn´t be there.. happy growing..

Illchangeitlater says:

Iv’e learned that it’s ok for fruit bearing plants, because even if there is ‘scary stuff in the fluff’ the plant might suck it up-but it will only stay in the leaves and not get into the fruit. But it’s dodgy for leafy greens.

skimenneske says:

I am such a sceptic on this idea about reusing vacuum fluff, but, I do have an idea.. how about making a tea out of it? just like compost tea?.. run some hot water through it and hopefully the water will absorb the nutrient this dude is talking about is in the vacuum fluff.. I´d rather do that than what he suggests.. hehe…

skimenneske says:

allright, I can´t help you with the fluff stuff, but I can hear you are a little of a newbie in this, and there is no one who can actually give you a correct answer to the questions you have. but yourself, and what I mean about that is, we don´t know the exact brands of soil you will use, therefore we do not know how good at draining this soil is.. and we don´t know how hot it is in your invironment, therefore we don´t know how long it takes for the soil to drain out, but I will be happy to help

skimenneske says:

finally I found a way to reuse my vacuum cleaner fluff, hahaha 😛 never thought I would see this day 😛

MrDibbley69 says:

hes either an evil genius or hes loosing it

MrDibbley69 says:

kfc ad was funny

Peter Kudlacz says:

interesting, never even thought about vacuum fluff as a fertilizer. Will have to try it this growing season, but won’t mould grow in the vacuum cleaner fluff?

ox4poluter says:

i have a dog that sheds hair like crazy, so most of whats in mine will be dog hair will that be a problem? also how often do they need to be watered iv heard they need regular watering and iv also heard they only need to be watered once a week but alot in one go?

MeetUncleNed says:

tumata plont

TonyBlair777 says:

I now vacuum my neighbors homes for free

VonLeachim says:

mebbe work long term in an allotment or some such , not sure about efficacy short term in a grow bag.
good idea though. am gonna try it…. at the plot. hmm. sheep wool too, little clumps here and there can be had for free off fences etc., soon mounts up.
cheers , got me thinkin, good vid.

dandowning83 says:

i like the idea and i think i would just plant it down in the tomato hole

sum1t0m0 says:

U serrious???!!

xxhappyxx930 says:

i am making on i hope you watch it i am doing flowers cabige and carrot

Volle013X says:

how ironic plants are… when you feed them your waste they get better ;)

gwdurham says:

Does your cat recognize the plants?

dayspeace says:

this is really wonderful. i have always like to try and grow my own tomato.

TheMonkeesRock says:

feed them

MultiWeebl says:

I know a few tomato plants that need feeding.

soupoftomato6 says:

A tomato garden is a happy garden.

jdfox1 says:

I planted some tomatoes and they grew up but my friend knocked them off my balcony so I have to do it again now. 🙁

MIgardener says:

really like this video! I have 10 ft. tall tomato plants!

Teddybearcop48 says:

I tried that this year on 3 plants They are the best 3 plants in my garden. It works ! Thank you

nicoferraro says:

ICongratulations! incredible system for growing tomatoes, look at my channel and tell me what you think:)

MY CHANEL : Hortelano¿Yo..? in youtube… Bye

ifind2com says: installed mine. It was only $1399 Front & Back Yard in Richmond, TX . You can also get the Install Yourself Kit for $39 which explains everything. All items are sold at the Home Depot or Lowes. I got it at

ec123456789able says:

wow, this was very informative. finally, a useful purpose for vacuum cleaner fluff, lol

chavitacanta says:

you’re my hero xoxoxoxoxo.

scottraposo says:

Thank you for sharing

starshock01 says:


rileygilbert says:

did this work well or not

JBSaneless says:

I’m going to try it! I have been using a couple drops per gallon of micronutrient solution for pond plants in old aquarium water plus miracle grow and they went from seedling to 5 feet with fruit in 38 days. But if I can get those nutrients for free, I’ll do it!

GardenToolCaddy says:

Great video #UN#! Thanks for sharing 🙂

MrHummingbirdgeek says:

I’m growing black cherry tomatoes again… wonderful colour and flavour. I’m also using a live bumblebee hive in the greenhouse as well, called a Beepol hive and bought online!

samuriguy909 says:

im growing a tomato plant now. the tomatoes are going to be striped.

kooldaug says:

do you really need to do stuff like this? I mean I have five tumbler tomato plants and there about six inches tall, a month and a bit old and are thriving wery well off the all purpose soil they are in. Don’t you only need to start feeding the plant once it has flowers starting to grow so the tomatoes will have a lot more nutrients?

ILuvCaroline says:

Wow…this is crazy. But I do have alot of yucky stuff full in my vaccum so I will give this a try.

daris2kewl4u says:

Wow these comments to other people are so nice lol xD

CalLumpyK says:

@dnbktune886 dont take the piss mate

infidelx1 says:

Your enthusiasm is admirable. I stand corrected…But… I said produce (not organically grown produce) is grown in poop, an obvious point making overstatement intended to inject levity. Point being decomposed living matter is the essence of life, the cycle of life and death. We come from the earth ourselves, to which we return and bring forth new life. But what do I know, I’m just the Bible clinging, gun toting, ignorant grandson of a depression era farmer.

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