How to build a Garden Tool Storage Bin for under $20 Holds 18 tools! Save Money and Room!

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Dad came up with a pretty good idea for storing all the garden tools he had floating around in his garage. First he purchased a used (empty) 50 gallon barrel from a local food processor for around $16. the barrel’s top is permanently sealed, but it has two large threaded holes in it. He cleaned out the residue from the original contents (molassas) using hot water and some dish soap. Using a 2 1/8″ hole saw, he drilled 14 more holes into the top (in addition to the two holes already in it) giving the top of the barrel a total of 16 useable holes. By pouring four gallons of 1.5″- round river rock through the 18 holes he gives the barrel enough weight and stability so that it won’t tip over with the tools in it, but still be easy to move around the garage. The only thing I didn’t show in the video was that I would drill some small drainage holes in the bottom of the barrel if I was going to store it outside. (This is why you want to use round river rock as it will not compact (like crushed rock) and will allow water drainage through the rock.) As long as the holes in the bottom of the barrel are smaller than the round rock it would allow water to drain, but not let the rocks fall out the bottom. Dad’s storing his tools inside so no need to drill drainage holes.

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gustavocis8 says:

That was amazing idea

WheeliePete says:

The barrel was actually came from a commercial food producer. I think it had vege-oil or something like that in it originally. I also live in western Oreogn so rainwater isn’t that hard to come by here. 😉

FranziButterblume says:

thanks, great idea, although rainwater seems so precious that using a barrel for something that could be done by other means makes me think….

jcbbe says:

great Idea

jimandtammywurtz says:

Great idea!!. I’m going to make two for my barn. My wife will love the idea. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

osityan says:

Great idea guys. :)

kedoff says:

Awesome idea! Thank you for sharing.

JuvieFirst says:

Cool! This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking to find.  Thanks!

QuistLogic says:

–forgot to add: very nice job with the video itself. Very clean editing, very informative, very direct.

QuistLogic says:

That’s a pimp gold watch your dad is wearing!

Thanks for the video — I’m gonna go make one today! :)

ecuadorman9 says:

Nice, very creative

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