How to build a Raised Bed Garden

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Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, shows you how to build an inexpensive raised garden bed. Start are garden today. Read great companion text to the video here: SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE MAGAZINE:

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aussietuff says:

well said

zoeonthegotvshow says:

You say Live stock…What do you mean? Great video BTW..made it look easy:)

DJMovit says:

I’d wish she’d do some updates on some of her video’s. I haven’t seen anything new. Nor does it seem anyone from her site respond to questions. This could be a really cool interactive channel

adevore says:

This from the guy who whined for 13 minutes about how cal spa wouldn’t fix his hot tub after he screwed up the ph

iwatcher69 says:

Why the fuck are you complaining you stupid FUCK? I see you’re another stupid useless douchebad who spends too much time on the internet bitching and complaining about other peoples success because you’re too much of a fucking loser. Why don’t you get out from under your moms bridge and go out and do something productive you JERKOFF!!!!

runetamers7 says:

They are raised beds. But when her raised beds aren’t in use, she keeps her livestock (chickens, Rabits, etc.) In the raised beds and their poop becomes fertilizer for the next growing season. Making the cage to hold the livestock in is completely optional so if you don’t plan on buying some chickens or rabits, just stick to the script. You should watch all her instructional videos of building these so you can actually grasp the concept offered here.

Praxxus55712 says:

Patti, build me a house will ya?

EatThePlant says:

I find GardenGirl’s videos to be very inspiring. I actually just started getting into vegetable and fruit gardening late last year and after doing my research decided to start out with a raised garden bed. It is about 12 ft wide X 5 ft deep X 12 inches high and was a great learning experience. The pests were the hardest and most frustrating part to deal with. Please take a look at it on my Youtube channel and give me some feedback. I love to learn from others. Thanks.

MrUrbangreen says:

You have to see our tomatoes …..Go to my channel …… MrUrbangreen

eatingperson says:

What? These aren’t gardens, they’re for keeping animals.

I’m going to be building a raised bed garden, but I will be living in it. Most people call these houses but for today I’ll say I’m making a raised bed garden.

jlantin says:

Man! what’s up with all the negativity??! If you don’t like the content then change the darn video! And keep your rudeness to yourself! I understand people are entitled to an opinion, but that doesn’t license someone to be insulting!

TubeYourTV says:

Yet ANOTHER do it yourselfer who gets a couple tools, someone to hold a camera and a computer and now thinks she’s so awesome that she needs to do this elaborate home video (complete with Bob Villa like introduction) like shes got her own show just because YouTube is free (for the moment). Hopefully YouTube will wise up and just charge so that the world doesn’t keep uploading anything and every little crazy waste of computer storage space they feel like. I’m surprised they haven’t already.

glovering102 says:

How to build a box, by some broad who’s kinda cute in a weird, down syndrome sort of way

BoyYardee says:

Great technique! I like the stackability factor. Thank you!

robkerns says:

I have used your steps to make six raised bed gardens. They look great! With Thanks!

NewWorldOmagh says:

Don’t forget the time you spent typing your reply!

NewWorldOmagh says:

You should tie up your hair when using power tools like drills etc. Some nasty accidents can happen when long hair gets caught in power tools!

Alyssa Rozario says:

I am making one today ps you can get the supplies at the home de pot

monkeylovedump says:

animals need a place for shelter. They can be let out to run free during the day but need to be kept in a protected area at night. That’s what cages are for. Maybe she could’ve used a better coice of words, such as shelter or something. Cages do make it sound harsh…

Sharon1963allen says:

Few things though. You didn’t say if you pre-drilled holes in the corner pieces where you screwed them together at the end where you connected them. Also, if you do use this for gardening boxes the corners need re-inforcement with brackets. The soil WILL cause the boxes to start coming apart from the weight of the soil inside. This title should be changed. You made it for live stock you said in video and not a garden box with soil.

tigertruckerman says:

nice knockers

woodbarigarden says:

Hi Patti
I’m a big fan, although I think everyone needs to know about this wood. I built 4 raised beds like this. Sad to say that the fire ants love it (not carpenter ants, I checked) and 3 of the 4 have major damage to them. I am going to let them go one more year and then I will be building new beds with deck composite boards (ones that are plastic engineered) and that should last 20 years. I don’t want to have to build these ever 4 or 5 years. By the way, I love all your videos. Thanks

rosasebnem says:

Dear Patti Moreno, I have been watching many of your videos and they are really informative and scientific. No need to mention that you are gorgeous as well.

IH8CalSpa says:

that is the worse 4 minutes and 9 seconds i ever wasted….. really…. how to make a square box. omg. if someone cant make a square box they are flipping retarded.

melis7472 says:

Thanks for the video 🙂

LPenney709 says:

I’m pretty sure that most vascular plants have specialized structures in their roots that act as a barrier to toxins. They will only let water and nutrients into the plant while filtering out toxins. So even if you built this planter out of treated wood, and the chemicals leeched into the soil, they would not end up in your food. From experience, I have two large treated wood planters in the front yard that grow many varieties of flowers with no problems. I havent grown food in them though.

armanflint says:

I love to watch her screw the wood.
I love you garden girl. I think it is for real this time.

bryncomeaux says:

use stone or cement problem solved

paulwheaton12 says:

have you tried hugelkultur?

ResistFutility says:

You make it sound so easy!!

I wish!

taahmakay says:

Thank you for the info!:)

BarryOcuda says:

I am sure those beds will help grow some terrific cotton plants.

Nowovad says:

does health and safety exist in the USA? If that drill bit snapped it would pierce her designer sunglasses!!

istyleonu says:

not garden! garen!

mburr3 says:

Regarding Pressure Treated Wood… multiple University Extension programs have done extensive studies. I’m not aware of a single study that has found any significant issues. The chemicals in the wood are bound tightly to the wood fibers. Keep the soil PH neutral, avoid root crops like carrots being closer than 2″ to the sides for the first few years and you’ll be fine. It’s a personal choice, but I’d rather not kill more trees every 5 -10 years based on concerns with no supporting data.

TheNaturesFriends says:

just wanted to check on you great chanel check out our garden box

MovieGuru45 says:

I watched some guitar movie and how the fucking hell did i end up here? o_O

Thomas Savidge says:

Nice video but umm, everyone already knows that any precut wood other than rough cut is not really 2×4 or 2×6.

RandomlyClipped says:

What’s all this talk of chickens and small livestock? I thought this was for vegetables… So confusing.

woodswalker88 says:

I don’t like the cutesy pie intro. Should have used that time to tell us how to prepare the site, whether to line the bottom with weed block fabric, whatever.

larukulunaseas says:

Thumbs up if you hate black people.

3647annie says:

did you fill it with something? or just soil. I was thinking maybe some rocks or old pots.

3647annie says:

Hey everyone. I want to build a raised bed next to the dog’s path to his play area. I am afraid that they will get into it if is too low, so wondering how high it can be built. Most of the projects I see are only about 20″ or so. I would like something at about 4 feet. If I build it that high, what can I fill it with so I don’t have to add all that soil. Would love your suggestions. Annie

ooooblivion101 says:

You rock. Nuff said.

WilliamGruff says:

A nude presentation of this video would be more helpful.

MsVideosmith says:

Thank goodness i finally found this video. I cannot tell you how many worthless videos. Nothing but men with their saws and their egos in their yards and lots and lots and lots of talking. So thank you!!!

19Photographer76 says:

Pine isn’t going to last very long in that application. Just an fyi, when your 2×10’s were still rough cut they were 2×10, then they were planed down. You should look for rough cut cedar or redwood for this type of application.

jdjeff58 says:

@PeterBurgess999 Good points….she should probably remove the jewelry and while she’s at it, get rid of the sunglasses and get some safety glasses with side shields and a pair of work gloves. If how-to is the intent of the video, by all means be a better example than just ‘winging it’. Power tools, no matter how harmless they may look, can reach up and bite you in the ass when you least expect it.

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