How to Build a Raised Flower or Garden Bed

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Flower beds do not have to be elaborate to enjoy fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers. With a raised garden bed, you can customize your garden bed however you want. Building a standard 3’x5′ garden bed with wood is most typical; however, you can use blocks, pavers, stone or even just a pile of soil. For this project you will need 2’x4’s, a 4’x4′ post, a tape measure, pencil and square, dill with bits and screws, a circular saw, work gloves, soil, landscape fabric, a shovel and hoe, a level, a utility knife, sawhorses, soil, a wheelbarrow, a soaker hose and some flower or vegetables. Select a location with plenty of sun where you can have access on both sides. Mark the dimensions of the area you want to have your garden bed, and dig up the sod. Do not dig too deep, but just enough to remove the sod. Check the ground with the level to make sure the base is even. Next, lay the landscaping fabric down and cut to fit. Cut the 2’x4’s and 4’x4’s to length, screw the 2’x4′ to each other, and the 4’x4′ inside each corner to form a box. Set the box in its designated area and make sure it is level. Cut any excess landscaping fabric and add your dirt or compost soil. Next plant your vegetables or flowers by pulling back the dirt. If you wish to add an irrigation system, simply set a hose in between the plants, cover with soil, and set to a timer. To find more helpful hints on water irrigation visit Now you have a beautiful raised flower garden for years of enjoyment

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Marbella Eye says:

Good idea, I will share your video as I really like it.

MrUnladenswallow says:

you dont need the god damn landscape fabric

jasopan says:

How do I join the 3 layers together?

MrUrbangreen says:

You have to see our tomatoes …..Go to my channel …… MrUrbangreen

TheMr7204 says:

1. Do not remove grass. No sunlight, no grow.
2. No bottom fabric needed.
3. Skip 4×4’s. Stagger end boards: 1 out, I in, 1 out, 1 in.
4. Use 4 boards high, see #3 for reason.
5. Drill larger pilot holes (@2:37) or lumber will dry & split.
6. Use washers, cedar is soft.
7. Use scrap styrofoam as bottom filler, top w/12-18″ of soil.
8. Grass clippings are excellent soil additive.
9. Fertilize w/16-16-16 formula.
10. Acquire knowledge before making video.

kizpaws says:

Very helpful. Thanks.

1RoseGarden says:

Enjoyed this video too and will pop by your blogspot for more tips

JeremiahJohnson84 says:

Nice garden…please check out my videos for balcony and patio gardening in small spaces, thanks and enjoy!

stayjit1 says:

I have ‘built’ a few gardens. This feller wants to sell you more tools than you could ever need to build a backyard veggie garden

vegpatch19 says:

Great vid. Pop by my blog for some great handy gardening hints.

MrEnergyCzar says:

You can make them higher to save your back by putting legs on them…


i got screws and a shovel

LiverbirdBoy98 says:

Ben harris

lillatissan says:

your vidoes is good:) i love herbs and health if you do to check my free information about herbs and health at lillatissa0.sitemoxie. com/

SuperObvioustroll says:

Who in their right mind would use spray paint marks for them tiny punk ass holes. Just mark it with some sticks or anything else lying about.

GummyTumor says:

Remember, guys! You’re gonna need some wood, a hammer, some screws, a pendulum chandelier, 5 gallons of paint, a riding lawn mower, 75 feet of hose, a patio chair, a rain water filtering device, a front door made of rich mahogany, and .. Oh, some seeds!

xKellogsx says:

Lowes needs you to need all those tools 🙂

krishneverquits says:

cutting a tree for wood for planting a few plants in garden, f**k logic….!

Ripenr32 says:

You don’t need all that shit, just do it the ghetto way and get some nails and wood. shit.

CandaceNDiaye says:

This is what I do: Go to Home Depot (I’m sure Lowes would do it too), grab the wood I want, and take it over to the cutting station. I just tell them dimensions & they cut it for me, no problem. I’ve never been charged a fee for this. Really all you should need is the wood, screws, drill and bits (you may be able to do it w/ a screwdriver by hand if super strong but I can’t), a flat surface to put together. iphone actually has a level app that is surprisingly accurate.

tnachampion981 says:

jesus christ. you dont need alot do you..god damn..thats everything in the store

seedlings14 says:

Hello @Lowes would you give me some recommendations of flower types that I can grow in a tropical place like the Philippines? the temperature ranges from 21-34C rarely goes below. answers would be appreciated 🙂

Hidehorticulture says:

Do not place landscape fabric over the soil. You’re defeating a main purpose. You want microbes and worms to get into your raised bed, and the subsoil to be incorporated with your bagged soil. That’s where nutrients exist. Bagged soil will require fertilizers. Just turn over your sod and place newspaper over to make sure the sod decomposes.

sundogforlove says:

That is resawn or rough sawn cedar and I doubt if you can purchase that at Lowes or home depot. Also, it will be very expensive.

sdotross2408 says:

Come on how many product placements can you put in one instructional video. Do you really need ALL of those items?

ghostboy679 says:

I promise you this is do not need this much to build a raised bed.funny how they sell all the stuff u need.

MbcCarpeDiem says:

so, they want you to spend 500+ to build a garden that might provide you with $100 worth of food. thanks for the advice lowes, but I think I’ll build this my way.

FenceOrlando says:

This is a simple way to make the inside of my job sites look beautiful. Thank you for the ideas.This was really helpful.

TheXJthatCould says:

lmao all i need is nails,hammer, 2×3/4×4, a saw, and a beer…

TheMCMinecraftMan says:

I used to be a gardener like you. But then I took a marrow to the knee.

film4893 says:

Great video using step by step training to build raised beds for your garden. tinyurl dot com /6wk52de

Lowes says:

Thank you for the link. It’s a great idea.
Again thank you for watching the Lowe’s YouTube Channel. –Lowe’s

paulwheaton12 says:

Have you done anything with hugelkultur?

Instead of cedar, how about black locust?

KnowYourRealEstate says:

Raised beds are the way to go this day and age. If you are short on space, tier the bed so you get 2 or 3 levels. Plant the bushy or, heavier veggies on the ground level…smaller herbs on top.

BackyardDiscoveryCo says:

Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

drewadvertisingsa says:

Where’s the 12 oz Lone Star Beer for when your done?

NedAcres says:

I use raised beds to grow my own food on 1/10 of an acre. to see them go to

fatskunkripz420 says:

1:19 a hoe lol

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