How to Build a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

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Building a raised vegetable bed can be an easy and fun weekend project. For a full list of materials and tools and a set of instructions go to this link:

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Nickk415 says:

untreated you bitch made

averagemale2000 says:

now what?

LaoSoftware says:

I agree with you. I’m lazy too. That’s why I’m getting 3 garden window boxes. It’s pre-built.I don’t need to assemble them like in the video. LOL.

MrUrbangreen says:

You have to see our tomatoes …..Go to my channel …… MrUrbangreen

versacegillis says:

Wow, this is alot of work, Id rather pay somebody. :s

MrEnergyCzar says:

You can raise it up to save your back by putting legs under it and a screen….

dinah259 says:

Great vid and tips! Question: What do you think about putting one of those weed protection sheets underneath the raised garden bed? Will that hinder the roots? Is it okay to mix the dirt with compost/manure/etc?

roobixq says:

very simple thank you much appreciated

eatvids says:

Cutting planks at home depot is free.

zOMGLaserGunzPewPew says:

how much do they charge for cutting the planks?

Lkoncaba says:

Its not that high off the ground.

Skip Powelson says:

You’re correct but pre-drilling will keep ANY wood from splitting.

Skip Powelson says:

Its amazing how many people complain about this. It’s a simple, easy, INEXPENSIVE project. If you don’t like it or how it’s done STFU!

gymkhanadog says:

This kinda has the feel of gardening for the well-to-do class as a quaint hobby. Expensive lumber and extra steps. You also threw out bunches of good organic material that would have fed the plants.

3, 2x4x10 pine. Cut the third 2×4 into 3 equal lengths, screw everything together. No need for predrilling. Use a garden weasel (far superior than any shovel!) to tear up the grass and soil, add lots of compost, mix more, cover with newspaper/cardboard and use more compost to hold it down. No weeds!

TheXJthatCould says:

you must be from the city…

coolkid92003 says:

U made it too complicated all u need us 4 pieces of the same size wood some screws and a screw driver or drill

BackyardDiscoveryCo says:

Thanks for the great tips!

RockLeeFan1 says:

You didn’t predrill the holes just because you didn’t want the wood split, you had to predrill them, because you had to screw them in with that crappy screwgun.

gardenvespers777 says:

@tastycajun0381 yes DFW

MisterJingles1000 says:

nicely explained, perfect for beginners! Thank-you, I enjoyed this very much:)

corazonalegria says:

Excellent tutorial. Well filmed and explained. Thank you!

theplainest says:

hello! was wondering if i could just lay some tarp down and start with the soil on top (as the bed will be on gravel) or if i have to dig through the gravel til i hit the soil and start there?

rosewood513 says:

I use tapping screws and you do not have to pre drill, nice job on these thanks for the video

gardenvespers777 says:

Whew. I built my raised beds last year and it was ALOT of work! Clay soil and Bermuda grass..and my property slopes. lol

BUT…It was worth it. This spring it was so enjoyable to just get out there and start planting without all that work!


HGNnet says:

Some people… They must be living in the middle of nowhere.. No neighbours, family or friends – people you can ask if you can borrow a drill or something.. Why buy wood.. you can maybe even get it for free from someone who is taking down his shed or whatever..
Sorry for being a little sarcastic, but I can’t understand why people are so stupid these days that they can’t even think of a simple solution.. BTW what is shown here is just an example..

SunshineSuperman2 says:

It seems like the best raised bed gardens would come pre-fabricated. This way of building pretty much means you have to buy a bunch of tools.

Oasix21 says:

Wow you did all this in nearly 4 min. your pretty slow

kims2009 says:

great video!!!

ardboeclaire says:

That’s what I thought as well 🙂

eatvids says:

Even easier have your cedar planks cut at Home depot just drill holes adn screw them in and your done!

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