How to Build a Vegetable Garden From Lawn

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Replaced my lawn with a vegetable garden, and its coming along great! Im growing green beans, zucchini, carrots , cauliflower, broccoli, chilis, peppers, bell peppers, onions, leeks, asparagus, yellow squash, and lots of different herbs.

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tim11308 says:

thats great but, if the shtf your gonna have flames shooting out of your ass. lol jk

SoCalPreppers says:

Oh yea it does…

GardenCalifornia says:

Seems like the air is still really cold with the breath steam and all, how do you keep the plants from frosting over? I have cold weather here in the mountains, starting my seeds indoors, and having trouble getting them to sprout even though I try to keep my room heated…

LowBuckPrepper says:

freakin awesome brother, very impressed!

prepperchickie says:

omg the cat story…lol

mdr8088 says:

Them birds will be in there soon. Since I started my garden about 5 years ago I’ve been literally invaded… Racoons, deer, rabits, a couple of groundhogs, squirrels, bugs of every kind, cats, and freaken turtles! Turtles…. What’s next? Zombies? Yeah zombies are the worst drags their feet, steps on everything, blood dripping on your tommatoes…. Dang Zombies!!!!!

CaliLegal says:

more like hills, lol, great job Socal.

armywifeprepper says:

Very nice…. tell the mrs., I just pretend that dirt smell is really spendy perfume so if anyone makes a comment I’m well practiced at giving them the stuck up, don’t you know anything, this is expensive shit look. Hehehe. The garden looks like something out of a magazine, just beautiful!

MrMotelone says:

Do u want chow chow if so send me pm with address I send u sum to try it so good it 100 year old recipe

MrMotelone says:

Did not want chow chow

wyattoneable says:

It’s coming along nicely. Love peppers. All we need are some chips! Thanks for sharing.

preppinjunkie says:

Love what you have done with the garden. And thanks for looking up for me. lol I always enjoy getting to see your awesome pool…uhh I mean backyard. 😉

SCJMO says:

Watch the return to Eden trailer on YT I think that high desert guys like us could benefit from those methods.

MichPatriot77 says:

you need to let the asparagus go to seed the first year and you can harverst it the second year.

SultanOfShinola says:

Those are some pretty mounds you have there brother!

SoCalPreppers says:

LOL thanks for the tips , appreciate them as always!

SoCalPreppers says:

no kidding huh

SoCalPreppers says:

ha, good call!

deepwater1974 says:

Im doing one this year as well. I can’t wait to eat some veggies that I know for a fact are not gmo.

1TacticalMedic says:

What no Okra or mustard greens???? Must be a southern thing!

1TacticalMedic says:

Is it true asparagus takes like 2 years before it produces? Have you heard that? Garden looks great.


Looks like you have all the ingredients for some good salsa.

willkaren4ver says:

awesome garden!!!! looks great!!

MrMotelone says:

maybe all the carbon dioxide from the road new hope your plants grow better

MrMotelone says:

Watch my video I made sum chowchow if want sum I sent it to u I’m nice like that

MrMotelone says:

How big is it

PopPrepper says:

Nice and neat looking! Hope it continues to go well for ya-

SMprepnNancy says:

looks good! soon you’ll have all kinds of goodies to eat. alway better to pland more because you can always thin. something very cool is good chance the bell peppers will go year round. mine did slowed down but sill getting peppers. the spot in the planter that gets less sun would be very good for lettuce. lettuce grows real easy from seed. I love big meat!!!

danman911 says:

My neighbors complained when I plowed up a bunch of my yard for a garden last year. This year I’m plowing up more LOL! I just cant see using that much water for looks. Plus here where I live they double your water bill to pay for sewage. Every gallon of water is charged for going down the sewer even if it doesn’t.

ArizonaAdventures says:

Coming along well.

Those artichokes will last a few years and get better each year and they grow big. What is that green granular stuff sprinkled all over the soil? At first I thought it was mossy perlite, but I can’t tell?

WestCoastPrepperRN says:

That looks amazing – the pool I mean…sigh, that’s my dream…to have a pool to swim in – I think I was a fish in a past life! LOL…Seriously though, the garden looks really great! Can’t wait to see the bounty of your hard work – now, go see the video that I am going to post in a few minutes and you can see what we are up against here in The Great Northwest!

ndcouey70 says:

That was a lot of work and some serious sacrifice but it really does make sense. Hope everything grows well for ya. The place still looks amazing, enjoy each day brother.

tekknorat says:

Great little garden. I sprinkle the green luck over it, to let the crop be real good.

TheRedneckprepper says:

Thats a good looken garden them crows, they’ll dig it up to !

amarien82 says:

The garden is looking wonderfull! Just a thought that asparagus and artichokes are both perennials they come back every year, so if you made a permanent spot for them it would be best and it would help increase your yield 🙂 Great video!!

minbound says:

Looks good man, nice job you guys. Never know what’s going to work till you give it a go.

MakkIsLooking says:

Awesome work done. do the birds react to the motion sensor water sprayer? I’ve been curious if they learn to activate it & use those for a bird bath. Heh perhaps stupid question but .. ahh well.. asking anyways.

logicalduke says:

You have me fired up. I am going to turn the backyard into raised beds this year. I hope it goes as smoothly as it seems to have gone for you. Best of luck to you.

Buckrun11 says:

Garden is looking great! That is one way to get rid of a problem cat. lol Cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage are all cooler weather crops.

tonkmonster says:

Good stuff!

claradusk says:

Don’t moth balls work to repel cats too?

stuzapusa says:

That’s the way to do it. Don’t need to mow the lawn now either. I am definately growing shallots this year. Nice garden.

SoCalPreppers says:

thanks friend, looking forward to it myself!

usfreedom22 says:

Looks great. Can’t wait to see the harvest.

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