How to Build an Outdoor Garden Water Fountain

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The Lowe’s Creative Ideas team shows how you can easily create an outdoor water fountain for your garden. Learn what materials you will need, how to hook up the water feature and what decorative touches you can add. For more creative ideas and videos like this one, visit

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JennfuurMarie says:

Does anyone know how much this project would cost?

marionetemanJ says:

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nursejean5 says:

Took us three months. Looks great but this is not an afternoon project.

Naomi Kristina says:


ePRTN says:

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OtakuforlifeV2 says:

She probably has bad knees. I have one and it hurts to do that even on a rug or a yoga mat.

michaelangelo0777 says:

thanks easy and step by step

plantboy2221 says:

Half of the things I see Lowes advertise on there How To Videos are not sold at Lowes. When I ask for a specific item named on the video, employees acts like it’s news to them. The Lowes employees must not watch these videos, extremely aggravating!

fatdanios says:

It would be a lot more expensive.

LALakersfan10 says:

This sounds like a project I can handle – will give it a shot. Thanks.

Terence1999 says:

It’s just that simple..not! Not for the beginner!

1RoseGarden says:

Terrific idea and instructions. Hope to make one soon.

stewnta says:

Can’t you just go to your local lawn and garden store and just buy the whole thing already constructed? Seems like it would save alot of time.

Guy Fawkes says:

or if you live in a desert like me, thats when you get to enjoy it most 🙂

james niemeier says:

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maxdecphoenix says:

my favorite part is when it magically leveled itself.

nooralein says:

wow i realy like it i will try to make the same thing by myself i hope come out like yours

Aboserag Azama says:


jabridesign says:

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KnowYourRealEstate says:

This is a great backyard idea…just be sure to drain it before winter or, a deep freeze will cause the pot to crack.

iLOVENATURE2011 says:

hmmm..let me apply those tips in my garden…i am truly amazed.

Osuitea says:

I love it and it was a great demonstration.

iampeeay01 says:

Amazing… thanks for sharing.. 🙂

sendorone says:

High quality landscape pictures:


xx –> tt

purpledream77 says:

I’ve been looking for an affordable garden water fountain for the birds, hummingbirds, and bees, and butterflies to sip on while browsing the flowers in my garden. I live in the desert, and all of the above come in droves when I’m watering the garden, and this is perfect to attract quite a bit of wildlife. and affordable! =)

MrYman101 says:

sooooooo easy

SuperCJ429 says:

I made one of these after watching this video. It’s a neat water feature to have. Just a couple notes. You have to be extremely lucky to find a pot that will perfectly match the bowl diameter like was shown in the video. I couldn’t, so I didn’t use the bowl so my entire pot is filled with water, which I think looks nicer anyway. I used some bricks inside the pot to support the fountain nozzle. I think a 75 – 80 gallon/hr pump would be about right for this project. Fun project!

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catwaterfountain says:

great video, but why your link is about lawn mower?

AngelDemon83 says:

I looked on the website but it didn’t give me a list of what I need

68NYC2 says:


elsteviolee says:

I have built dozens of these things. Sorry do not mean to boast! Anyhoo, they are kinda fun for a while; but they go to hell pretty soon. For a proper water feature you need to really go for it, spend some money and get some expertise. Get something solid that will last thirty years. It’s the only way.

TheNoobyRobloxian says:

Lol adults trying to use a keyboard.

ZZputt says:

This seemed really easy. It would have been nice if Lowes actually carried the black plastic container and the plastic bowl.

inventorlewis says:

What type of pump is that ?

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Melody Heather says:

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