How to Build Raised Garden Beds GardenFork.TV

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GardenFork.TV Build Raised beds with these simple raised bed plans. we have 6 raised gardening beds , watch how we make them. AND listen to our Radio show, GardenFork Radio on our site more info Visit our site for more cooking, gardening, DIY, beekeeping, urban homesteading videos http Get our Email Newsletter:

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EatThePlant says:

Very nice. I just started on my first raised bed last year. It did very well except for some of the bugs. I now have three beds (added two cinder block beds). It it really fun to learn, plus you get something good to eat when you are done. I have also been getting into container gardening with tropical fruit trees. Please check out my first raised bed video on my channel and leave me a sincere comment. Thanks.

MrUrbangreen says:

You have to see our raised garden beds …..Go to my channel …… MrUrbangreen

erochow says:

give it a try, done is better than perfect is what we say, thanks, eric.

superslyfoxx1 says:

I am so not the builder type but I really would like to try to make some planters for Fall gardening. Buying containers is getting expensive. Thanks for the video.

erochow says:

i could throw the frisbee all day for the Labradors, they are obsessed with it or a tennis ball. thanks for watching, eric.

Littlebluetrike says:

Just throw the frisbee!

dinah259 says:

Love the commentary and the wife’s ad-libs!! She kind of sounds like Victoria Jackson…what do you think?

asaliniota1 says:

once you set the raised bed do you dig the grass out or just grow on top of it

1953terbear says:

Very entertaining and refreshing! Makes me feel comfortable trying to do this myself!

erochow says:

i’m not sure, i’m not a soil or wood expert. maybe a web search might help with that one? thx eric – GardenFork

Thunderchild2010 says:

Thanks for the tips. If I was to use treated timber but covered it with a plastic lining would that be ok?

erochow says:

good to hear that, take some pictures and send them to me, ‘eric’ + ‘’  thx.

grace6384 says:

thanks for the tip i’m doing mines today.

erochow says:

glad you liked watching the raised bed video and the dogs,  please consider subscribing, eric.

TheRyanMuze says:

Really fun way to learn. Thank you all (Including your dogs)

erochow says:

yeah, the Labradors are all about retrieving. we buy tennis balls by the box on ebay.  thx, eric – gardenfork

4seasonsprepper says:

I bet those dogs would play fetch until they dropped, they are beautiful 🙂

sundogforlove says:

Yes, you are not a carpenter with those stupid gloves but, you have some great dogs, your wife sounds nice and so do you and I love you videos.

darkcoffeeclouds says:

Haha, you build like my husband. He said it was “roughly flush”. Too bad you weren’t around when the guys at Home Depot talked him into buying this whole set of cordless power tools. They suck and the batteries never hold a charge longer enough to finish a job. He has said a lot of bad words.

erochow says:

thanks for watching, please consider subscribing to our channel, we post new vids each week. eric.

xhippodynamitex says:

Thanks for the info! This was very pleasant to watch, you guys are hilarious =P

erochow says:

i’ve seen garden beds that are basically built on heavy duty tables, that would work for you. thanks for watching, eric – GardenFork

emeraldgypsyheart says:

I want to know how to raise the beds up to waist high because i have trouble bending for long periods of time. Thx!

erochow says:

instead of making this a double or triple high bed, i use chicken wire to hill the potatoes. we have a how to hill potatoes video on our YouTube Channel, if you click on our channel link above ‘ erochow ‘ and search for potatoes on the channel page you will see it. thanks, eric – GardenFork

scottj719 says:

I’m looking to move potatoes out of the garden and onto the lawn in one of these. In addition ot the middle cross support what else would you do in order to make a double decker model or triple decker model in order to expand upward and keep burrying the potatoes as they grow?

erochow says:

i haven’t tried hugelkultur, though i’ve read about it. i have a soaker hose system that works pretty good. thx eric – GardenFork

paulwheaton12 says:

have you tried hugelkultur?

erochow says:

we are in Northwest CT, but it might as well be the UP sometimes, bears have moved into our state. thanks for watching, eric.

James Hershey says:

Bears and black flies? Are you in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula?

roxtar10870 says:

My beds are made of 2x6es and my tomatoes are ok (I get plenty of tomatoes to suit me, “ok” is certainly a relative term. I think you should allow your wallet to make the final decision for you. Just don’t try 2×4’s I think that would be too shallow.

dayspeace says:

very helpful. really help me.

Flashlax19 says:

she talks… A lot

Muda313 says:

BRACKETS! OMG, ok I am not a builder/carpenter/know a darn thing about carpentry, I built the corners of my raised bed gardens with 2×4′ beams cut into about 2 ft pieces. I wanted 4×4’s but the hardware store cant cut them. So, I have 4 staircased 4×4 raised beds connected with the beams
My next raised beds will be much better made with brackets. My first ones are still awesome though,. Thanks for the vid.

woodwontburn says:

Look into TimberSIL Glass Wood:
It’s a non-toxic, non-leach preserved wood product.

HouseSignStudio says:

Thanks, this was so useful. I’m going to persuade hubby to make one of these for me
(dont trust myself with a power drill) Thanks again, great video.

BenedictHudson says:

you guys are great. I love the dynamics of everyone interacting!

grdaemon says:

Whats this drill and screw accessorie called.Can’t find it anyware?Thanks great video BTW

Crow112178 says:

Loved the video. Really love that it is not scripted makes for better viewing pleasure =)

Bolognalegs says:

Very helpful, and comical. I was actually laughing audibly during parts of this, odd considering it was a gardening video. Also, I thought the camerawoman’s questions answered some questions that others would have been too embarrassed to ask.

Bolognalegs says:

Very helpful, and comical. I was actually laughing audibly during parts of this, odd considering it was a gardening video. Also, I thought the camerawoman’s questions answered some questions that no one would have wanted to ask.

enovalee says:

so excited to be finding people with similar interests and connecting here, hope to continue to learn and share with you……warmest regards, nova

jaxx050679 says:

how to make a raised bed more difficult than it has to be.

smith7800 says:

Your wife is sorta condescending

extremewc says:

Ha, love it, a hand model that makes garden beds while entertaining the dog at the same time! Truly amazing!

gardenvespers777 says:

Your video was one of the first I saw when I was looking for tips on how to build a raised bed. Thanks!
I had to sink mine a little bit in the ground because I have that evil Bermuda grass!
Plus my property slopes a little.

Best of luck with this year’s garden!!  🙂 I love my raised beds!

angiebigbutt says:

does the raised bed have to be in the dirt or can i place it on concreat?

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