How to build your own pizza oven.

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How to make your own wood fired pizza oven using the Mediterranean oven kit. Also how to make the base for your oven.

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rakia66 says:

This is just great! Thank you for this great video! LOVED IT!

VSkiLLzMusik says:

this reminded me of the I Love Lucy episode where she lost her wedding ring and had o take part the whole grill lol

rokas sipavicius says:


XxKikyouxX says:

De hecho lo está explicando, si tiene audio… o.O…. checa tus bocinas! o tus oidos =P

XxKikyouxX says:

My boyfriend has been warned: if he doesnt build me an outdoor pizza oven, we wont get married ;D

nikmak says:

You must really like Pizza.

Jennifer z says:

i never sen a outdoor pizza oven thingy but it looks cool 😀

vinesboyseventysix says:

I respect this video. Good attention to detail, you can tell this dude knows how to build stuff. 3 questions though – 1) the slab reinforcing looked like flat plate? not mesh? 2) glad wrap? for what? dont you want the clay to dry? 3) YOU LOOK LIKE WARWICK CAPPER! gold.

Zionist Jew says:

The outdoor Pizza Oven design cooks like shit and bakes like shit… With all of the Bad Ass outdoor masonry cooking/baking ovens why build a piece of shit Pizza Oven design…?

chefgiovanni says:

I like it, click on my name and see our recycled oven build. Build it cheap!

kaskouris says:

hey there im building a pizza oven as well when you put the foil on does it keep the heat in where im thinking of putting foil and blanket then wire and then render. Have you got any cracks on render after a few lightings?…

bodhisattva99 says:

what do you do if you’re not level? mortar? just curious. Great job by the way. I’m new to the whole DIY groove. I’m just asking and I apologize in advance if it’s dumb.

Macarena Ramos says:

no hay 1 video explicativo, es q acaso son todos mudosss?????? jajaja pero estan buenos..

Flashlax19 says:

eh ok

kevrs2 says:

good man yourself ,greeting from ireland 🙂

NMCNSA says:

where did you buy the oven and where can i get the detail instructions?


Wagonracer8 says:

Great job! Can you give me a website or phone number, as to where you bought the kit? THANKS

cmaff15 says:

Fantastic job on the oven but your dancing. Not so much

pogan1983 says:

If I gave you my e-mail address, would you send me a piece of your pizza? I think LAN connection would do…

Luca Scotto d'Antuono says:

but is so small!

PoopMagy123 says:

or you buy and frozen one and put it in the oven… but this is fine to i guess….

theworld0fpizza says:

very cool video! I love everything to do with making your perfect Neapolitan pizza…. check out my work in my world of pizza by an expert Neapolitan pizza maker

shannonthemerman says:

i love that but . dam all that to make a pizza lol hehehe but thats cool as hell

GiGi Smith says:

FREE Dominoes Pizza gift card at girlstalktv . org

MegaBharat500 says:


kkhhoona says:

Pizza Hut and Domino’s ???? thats not Pizza thats pastry….Anyone paying £10 for that stuff is mad. Real Pizza…. thast what these things make 80)

kkhhoona says:

Just done stone effect on a base unit. They use fire blankets over the top (not foil) then fibreglass mixed with render. Same result with no externalheat, decopierreengland on facebook.

frej85 says:

all respect is lost because of the “music”!!

Russ Lickteig says:

Very nice…great job!!!

millicentbistander says:

That shit must taste crazy good.

ala kaze says:

GF when it rains

Barroilion says:

mhhhhh…. che merda!!!!

anntikurrt says:

Very big work
, but little oven

anntikurrt says:

very big worg, but little oven

darealdjnutz says:

You should be making videos of that.

stuntmansyd says:

Any malaka can buy a kit

BobMurray16 says:

I have fallen in love with your pizza oven. I would love to build one for myself.
Where can I buy this Mediterranean pizza oven kit? Thank you very much and best regards. Bob

Esgir69 says:

im not going to built one..i was just bored

MrBeav62 says:

this frickin thing is worth more than a house

808ROTY09 says:

would bricks or pavers on the ground work?

mohammad227 says:

wow the best i love to make it for my mom in my country we cld it tandor we can make every thing in side bread good job man

luca sax says:

complimenti bravissimo

mithrandir10001 says:

Nice job, but in my climate you’d have to put a bed of gravel under the slab for drainage or it would heave from winter frost.

trtepol says:

haha best video, good job, keep it comming!

anthonya2006 says:

Who supplies the kit?

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