How to create the perfect hanging basket-in three easy steps.

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Hanging baskets are a lot easier to make than many people would believe. Join Jon, the assistant manager from our Remuere store and let him take you though the process step-by-step.

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bangingmegums says:

fab video which has also given my scope for a large variety of different types plant combinations & even herbs that I hadn’t even thought of, 10/10 :O))

Sonerila7 says:

This was very informative. I’ve been doing it wrong & making it much more difficult for me.  Thank you so much!!!

DannnnnnnnnYH says:

great video

DannnnnnnnnYH says:

this is a really nice tutorial!! i already have two hanging basket, but i am sure i am gonna make one by my self next spring!!!

2011williamandkate says:

Great video helped me decide which method……..(-;

talentlover2 says:

This information on how to make hanging baskets is very clear and concise. It’s very lovely to watch. Very constructive information with visual displays! Great speaker. He is a very natural, comfortable speaker, who provides lots of information. I really like the three easy steps concept! Thank YOU very much!

suratsvadii says:


oidooo1 says:

Some useful hints there

ramanrrs says:

Excellent Video and very nice collection of Plants.

guai0107 says:

I really enjoyed your video and it is very detail explained. Thanks

gabriben1 says:

Tanx, its so help full

PLLrocks says:

I love hanging baskets and there are so Spanish that I’m loving it!

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