How to Prune Tomato Plants

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To prune tomato plants, use clean, sharp cutters, and make clean cuts against the main stem of the mother plant. Prune out sucker growth, mildew or fungus from a tomato plant with instructions from a horticulturist in this free video on growing tomatoes.

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0714will says:

Hey MegaTmarshal….
Stick to growing weed! This is a Tomato plant!! Lol..

Thereisalwaysmore says:

did he say he’s Dr. Green Thumb??

khaledb77 says:

good video

martysgarden says:

Thanks for the tips! Many people don’t know how to prune Tomatoes!

TheTumboos says:

Hi there Mr Green Thumb, I have a serious q. We’ve had some erratic Summer weather here in NZ, with frosty periods. My cherry tomato plant got mildew, and I treated it. Now, the main stem has been ‘wounded’, and won’t bulk up. Yet it is growing wild and top heavy. It can barely support itself. High winds yesterday broke off 2 flowering branches as well. And the staking is not helping much. 🙁 Has the damage been well and truly done? Or is there some way to add some girth to the main trunk? Thx

dinosaurbooks says:

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kortneydaisey says:

cool clip .. nice one.. thanks for sharing .. keep it up

Tim Thomas says:

I use my fingernail. No need to buy a pruner unless its figs or other plant

dayspeace says:

awesome video. this is really great for someone like me, starting my own tomato garden.

Arturo Torres says:

what hair?

tallicalad says:


MegaTmarshall says:

I don’t prune my suckers from my tomato plants. I stake them up and let them grow naturally & I still get plenty of tomatoes. Why denude a plant of its leaves that are meant to protect the fruit from the scorching heat of the sun? IMO suckers actually add energy to the plant by photosynthesis & pinching off suckers takes away energy from your tomatoes because the plant has to recover from all of its injuries. Nature put suckers & leaves on tomato plants for a reason. Leave them alone.

spiritartman says:

If my plants are growing above the “cage” can I prune the tops – will this cause plant to grow thicker? or is it not wise to take the height off? Thanks

urpgag says:

2 kinds 1 makes all tomatoes in one big blast, the other makes them continuously once it starts to set flowers. they Love lots of strong light. the Love lots of water. don’t plant near oak trees or the like, it will blight them. set them out around mid April or when frost is well past. buy clones/cuttings that have perky looking leaves, point out from plant, not droopy or brown. Miracle Gro and don’t mix at strength they say to! it’s often the max allowed! half strength is all.

urpgag says:

you were a lot more useful and informative than mr whatever was 🙂 clear explanation! thanks. I notice utterly no mention was made of terminal buds when he talks about rooting out cuttings. too bad, but then he didn’t do much education anywhere else, either.

bongojim420 says:

”Suckers” are people who trust the government.

bowler8 says:

you pinch suckers out, not use pruners

ireneeweenie says:

how much water do tomatoe plants need

SidneyBou says:

How many suckers do you prune? 100% or somewhat less? I believe I was taught all but if they grew a little to much leave them. I genurally let them get 6 inches and replant water for 2 – 3 days and they take root in.

logos2600 says:

Good job. I agree, letting them get huge is the way to go. If you’re into big plants, big tomatoes and huge yields, I recommend trying heirloom tomatoes if you haven’t already.

yellowgroove says:

last year i grew the same as this year, better boy and i never pruned a single sucker… the plants grew over 10 feet tall and i harvested at least a total of 40-45 pounds from each plant. these better boys will grow until a freeze kills them and the more open space you give them, the bigger they get, never put a better boy in those little topsy turvy things or even a container ( exception would be 5 gal bucket) unless you have no other choice, they won’t reach full potential.

sharkeeeee says:

What exactly did you learn? He says to trim suckers….but didn’t say what a sucker was and how to identify them. Being that this video is titled “How to Prune Tomato Plants” you would think that he would have explained in better detail what was to be pruned. logos2600 explained what a sucker is in his comment which was MUCH more useful than the video. The video could have given a close up of a sucker so we could understand what we are looking for when we prune.

logos2600 says:

Do not prune tomato except when it has become too tall or large. Why would a plant make a branch that does nothing but sap energy from it? Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Try it for yourself, I pruned last summer and only got 2 tomatoes all summer – otherwise I get several every week. You learn in life that experience > book smarts

Tewrobert says:

@Laveduds, Maybe you know too much,
How did you learn so much being so critical of  everyone?
I learned a few things and I am quite grateful for it…….Thank you 🙂

DjOtis505 says:

I wrote a blog on indoor tomato growing. It would be cool if anyone checked it out. Please let me know what you think.

techdude1876 says:

Suckers make fruit too, and you never take suckers off determinate. Why you may ask, they are a bush tomato, and they still produce fruit. AND you WILL get more lbs of fruit with sucker, but they won’t be as big. And no I do not mean a beefsteak will be a cherry sized tomato.

Live4Cod says:

lmao at pruning , my toms are way better and i do nothing and have so many fruit , good soil and heaps of sun and sit back and just tie them up every now and then , best toms in australia.

TheGardenMasterShow says:

Hi Stan, Have you thought of looking at more current sustainable growing which allows you to grow year-round regardless of where you live? How about lowering overhead and producing your current production on one tenth the acreage. Not till, no weeds, no expensive equipment and bountiful harvest! I speak from forty years of experience. Come visit us Dave! I look forward to seeing you! The Garden Master and his Bucket Garden. TheGardenMaster com

HS74AB9 says:

 Stan how do you tell what is a sucker ??? I need to trim lots but……am reluctant do to inexperience…thanx

12brian123 says:

Wish they would explain what a sucker is and show it, then this advice might be useful!

fugert says:

This video taught me nothing.

Timurv1234 says:

You know,those suckers can bear flowers, thus bear tomatoes.I bought tomato plant which had two large suckers,and I left them.Now I have eight or nine more tomatoes…Of course,don’t leave too much suckers…

kevinreid says:

my what good clean cutters you have… lol

ImAHungryBoy says:

i let my tomatoes grow i dont mess with them!all i do is plant it a week after last frost/snow and give it water everyday or when the soil is dry (which is everyday in texas) guess what they are 7 feet tall by 5 feet wide, producing hundreds of tomatoes a season, just today i picked about 30 tomatoes of the plants. i move my compost pile to different spots everyyear and plant my tomatoes in the old spot of the compost.

jdspalding65 says:

That sucked! What the hell am I supposed to cut off, buddy!???

DBSpy1 says:

Will the pruned part grow fruit, or just a plant?

carypappass says:

Thanks for your reply !

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