How to Grow Tomatoes – Hydroponic Beefsteak Tomatoes

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This video shows how to grow hydroponic tomatoes in a greenhouse. Seven weeks from the time tomatoes were planted you can see all stages of fruits up to the flowers and the main crop work tasks are explained.

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gladmama says:

My daughter Danielle writes ‘Do you use fertilizer because I can see really big tomatoes. Even because my mum planted some (and same for my school) but they weren’t that big, they were small and medium size because they were organically grown. thank you for making this video.
Thanks Danielle is only 7 yrs old.

Christopher Totanes says:

Hello Plant Doctor, we’re working on a undergraduate thesis, and our possible topic might be coconut husk as a inert medium on hydroponics. May u help me with this?

Parra Robert says:

Aque Culture ROBERT 602-332-9913 *lighting *timers *6 plant, 12 plant systems *much more  2125 E. Priest Dr. # 302 Tempe, AZ. 85283

nottinmatterz2day says:

I want to see the roots

nottinmatterz2day says:

my bad

JNedoCT says:


hauntedmortuary says:

WOW that’s nice how many tomato’s does a plant produce?

Shaun Baker says:

How much money in american dollars can this size greenhouse create in gross revenue growing beefsteak tomatoes?

idae209 says:

also how does the string or wire support the vines with tomatoes?

idae209 says:

how are you able to keep the plants up? get back to me as sooon as possible

theeeLawbreaker says:

whers the weed ?

Vitalii Jidkov says:

This are beefsteak tomatoes

Vitalii Jidkov says:

I have a good book for sale where you can find all the info you need for growing greenhouse vegies. If you are interested, contact me through my site greenhouse-vegetables . com . Very soon it will be available on my site as well

Vitalii Jidkov says:

this plant are in rockwool bags which are charged with nutritional solution and they receive water with nutrient every day. They are hydroponic tomatoes

Vitalii Jidkov says:

we grow tomatoes in rockwool bags and they can be reusable if you have a system to sterilize them.

Vitalii Jidkov says:

How many J-Hooks do you need? Where are you located? You can contact me also through my website greenhouse-vegetables . com

Vitalii Jidkov says:

Potentially, it is possible, but you need to remember that more fruits on the plant at the same time the smaller they will be. And plant will regulate itself any way, which means that at some point it will start to abort flowers. Of course, plants will need enough light, water, nutrients to support high number of fruits. More side shoots will give you more flowers, but for the plant to produce longer, it needs a balance.

unapez says:

Cool! I just started my six tomato plants about 3 weeks ago indoors, they are looking good but wondering… If I trim a tomato plant in a certain way will it make more tomatoes/flowers?

woodrowpass says:

is the soil reuseable?

dayspeace says:

great advice and good work.

nottinmatterz2day says:

THey aren’t hydroponic because they’re in soil not water with nutrients

nfsmw6 says:

great work, I guess this free pesticides

dripworld says:

Your garden really looks amazing and greenhouse is successful for farmers.I was planning to go with hydroponics method but somehow i came to your video.

soupoftomato6 says:

I loves me some hydroponic tomatoes.

Payam6 says:

Ur Website is Down !

akkiinc says:

hi plant doctor.. i would like 2 setup a hydroponic tomatoes and bell peppers green house.. would u please help me on the setup.. telling me about the medium and the nutrients that u use for the plans… thnx 🙂

knutini says:

Did you read the title of the video???

youtubsuxfv says:

what type of tomatoes are they?

mdavis01 says:

Do you ever “flush” the tomatoes before you pick them? By this I mean using a final solution or plain water to remove the nutrients from the roots before consumptions.

whothehellgivesadamn says:


skipstah70 says:

very interesting, nice set-up!!

MmmTouchMe says:

In mother russia you dont eat beef steak beefsteak ate YOUUU!!!

Vitalii Jidkov says:

Genetics would have a bigger effect on sweetness. Also the ripeness will effect as well. When beefsteak tomatoes are picked they are not completely ripe, so they will not be as sweet as ripe ones. I know from tomato breeders that it is very difficult to make a variety that will give large fruits, high production and sweet fruit at the same time. But they are working very hard on that. More potassium can make fruits sweeter, but if it is not in genetics than you won’t get it.

rach777able says:

Plant doctor Great video… What exactly makes tomatoes sweet is a nutrient or genetics? Thanks so much

Vitalii Jidkov says:

We use bumble bees to pollinate.

Marc Brett says:

YOu fucking idiot!! This isn’t monsanto FFS

tinkertoyorki says:

How do the blossoms get pollinated?

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