How to Grow Tomatoes: Trellis

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soltup1 says:

Please, please, please explain to me what is the difference between foliage and suckers. I’m counting on you.

JonFrumTheFirst says:

Sucker growth doesn’t ‘take away’ from the ‘main plant.’ A sucker is a natural part of the plant growth pattern, not a mistake or a parasite. And the photosynthesis that goes on in the leaves of the sucker shoot generate much of what’s needed to produce fruit. Many experiments have shown that there’s little difference between de-suckered plants and free growing plants. Single stem plants might produce fruit a little earlier, and multi stem plants may produce a little more fruit.

ironlionkalo says:

how do you anchor the string to the ground? is it just hanging there?

mister8bal says:

You should probably fix the title’s spelling, so it can be searched better. Great video!

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