How to make a hanging basket

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Step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful hanging basket

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dya76tube says:

the plants you choose for this basket are for shade or sun?

ThreeEyedTeddyBear says:

Ah so not how to make a hanging basket at all but how to plant a pre-existing hanging basket. When I heard “how to make your own hanging basket” and then”the first step it to choose your hanging basket” my head nearly exploded

coyleo1111 says:

lovely and the plants a nice as well

alumaman60 says:

if you have a alumawood patio cover and you would like to hang your plants try alumahangers. you can see a on you tube enter alumahangers to see the demo.

ez2btuber says:

Great video, thank-you for all your help.

Fairaday1 says:

Beautiful mix of flowers, thanx for the idea !

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