How To Make A Raised Bed With A Border Fence DIY

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Tomatoes are one of my favorite garden plants.This is my new raised bed I made for my my tomato plants this year. It’s 4 foot by 6 foot and made out of untreated lumber. I used framing brackets and square head screws to assemble it. One you have the cut wood at home, it really only takes a few minutes to put it together with a battery powered drill. I dug out 3-4 inches of the old grass and dirt to make the bed deeper and to get rid of some of the clay soil underneath. To fill the bed, I used perlite, peat moss, Pro Mix, Happy Frog Organic soil, regular potting soil, a small bag of composted manure, mushroom compost, earthwork castings, Just Right Xtra soil-less mix, gypsum, and glacial rock powder. After planting, I added coco mulch to finish. I watered in the plants at planting time and due to the mulch and rain, have not had to water once since! Please leave a comment to have a chance to win a free packet of tomato seeds and a hand seed sower as well and please rate this video! Thanks for watching!

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mediamaker2000 says:

Awesome! Hows it going? How do you like root organics? Subbed ya back!


indoorharvestgardens says:

finally found your channel again after watching mhp’s aerial view lol. sub’d & liked! -dailyweeds

GrowSomethingGreen says:

Looks good, thanks for sharing

mediamaker2000 says:

Thank you! I appreciate you comments! Let me know how your raised bed turns out!


mediamaker2000 says:

LOL Mine was to keep the neighbors’ tiny dogs from running through mine. My smaller beds have the black fencing which you can see in the video. Thankfully too rocky for gophers here! You should put up some videos of your beds! Thanks for the props!

lauriew7 says:

I just randomly opened this video up and thought it was interesting that I had done the same thing this year. I’m growing tomatoes in a raised bed with short black ornamental fencing to keep cats from using it as a litterbox. And, to keep gophers out, we put a layer of chicken wire down before adding the soil. So far, so good!  Nice video!

twb2401 says:

I like they way you built this raised red, and I love the fencing and mulch too! I hope it turned out well for you and I plan to use some of your tips when I build my next raised bed!

bai cragi says:

not sure if it is bed…. she uses some bricks to enclose them

mediamaker2000 says:

Thanks VMC! Aren’t 2 liters the bomb?!

mediamaker2000 says:

Thanks! Nice videos! I subbed!

mediamaker2000 says:

I sure hope so! I added them to keep out the neighborhood terrorist dogs that thinks it’s a right of passage to put their paw prints in my raised bed and take out some plants in the process 😉 Worked so far. Thanks Gary!

mediamaker2000 says:

I hope you watched the pre roll add all the way through 😉

mediamaker2000 says:

Were you a marine at one time? Adapt, overcome, improvise, steal your kid’s sandbox?
If I had more time, I would have had the words “Please rate this video” etched in the sides of the boards and stained it 😉 Thanks Slee!

mediamaker2000 says:

Either bury your raised be in the ground a few inches or they sell stuff at the big box home improvement stores that you can push down next to whatever as a grass/weed barrier. They can help you at the store, just tell them what you need.

mediamaker2000 says:

Thanks! I was totally surprised at the feedback on the fencing! I did it to stop the two terrorist dogs in the neighborhood from running through my beds.

Oh sure! Go for it, I got the idea from another YT channel! Not my idea, I just liked it!

mediamaker2000 says:

I had no idea something like this would stop rabbits so helped me out too because we have rabbits too! Thanks for that! I have yet to figure out what a chicken tractor is 😉

mediamaker2000 says:

Funny you mentioned that. The only thing to get bothered so far, and that’s with fences in place was my radishes. Something topped them all 🙁 Hmmmm….Does cat liter need composting? I’m guessing yes. I actually put the fence up because the neighbor 3 doors down has two little dogs that terrorize the neighborhood and I had dog tracks in my bed within 30 minutes of filling the bed. Thanks! It does look (to quote the next door neighbor) “really cute”.

mediamaker2000 says:

Thanks Lois! With my girlfriend’s yard, it was the ONLY way to go LOL

mediamaker2000 says:

Thanks! Yes it does! It’s a combination of Back To Eden and I’m Sick Of Watering All The Time LOL 

mediamaker2000 says:

Thanks! Never had an issue with birds yet. So far this year it’s slugs. It’s been a real slugfest around here. I’ve been battling them with coffee and beer! If the whirlly gig keeps anything, it was worth the $3 at the dollar store for it 😉

mediamaker2000 says:

I won two in my life but I’m a bit older than you. Give it another 8 years LOL Thanks! Does that mean you’re gonna decorate the greenhouses now? 😉

mediamaker2000 says:

What cha needing?

mediamaker2000 says:

Thank ya sir!

mediamaker2000 says:

mmmmm just 2 so far ;-(

mediamaker2000 says:

Thanks! Yea, you have to add water. I went to put the mulch on so I could get all the shots for the video in one day, opened it up and it was a solid chunk 🙁 A picket fence would look good around your greenhouse 😉 Hmmmm… If you can buy the sower and seeds over there, I could just Paypal ya if ya won!

mediamaker2000 says:

I have the finer coco for mixing in soil and this is meant to be used as mulch. Too coarse for mixing in soul. I just hope the worms like it!

mediamaker2000 says:

Does she have them in a raised bed?

mediamaker2000 says:

It’s chosen at random, not by who’s first but that would be interesting LOL

VeggieManCenter says:

Thanks for sharing with ALL of us here in the garden.

greenhouse4green says:

Nice, tomato box! 😉

garygardens says:

Now you’re all set for some killer BLT’s. Why the little fencing? Are you trying to keep some critter out? Anyway, it looks real nice. Best of luck…
Regards, Gary

seba calvo says:

hey hope i win the seeds!!!

SleestaksRule says:

I stole my kids sandbox last year and did this but yours looks neat and you did it better.

anniequilts says:

The problem I have with my raised beds is that grass grows under the boards and then grows right inside the boards and is hard to pull and/or dig out because the roots are connected to the grass growing between the beds – do you have any special way of keeping the grass that grows from under the boards under control?

nov51947 says:

Having those boards cut at the store is a great idea. The fence sections add a lot to the looks.

I really like your new marketing approach of giving away a small gift with each video. Can I borrow that idea?

ItsyFarm says:

Sometimes I feel so dumb! We have a problem with rabbits and it never occurred to me that the little landscape fencing would not only keep the rabbits out, but make my beds look better. I’m headed to the blue big box store right now to get some (along with some more parts for my chicken tractor).

Great video. Thanks.

Praxxus55712 says:

I don’t need the prize but I wanted to compliment you on the idea of adding the small fencing on the beds. That idea is a great deterence from the cat army in my area from using my radishes as a LITTER BOX! eww Also I’m guessing it would deter rabbits because they don’t climb even small fences. Plus is looks pretty cool. There I said it. 🙂

Lois Laney says:

Looks very nice. To me, raised beds are the only way to go. The mulch makes it look very nice.

Gardeninggirl1107 says:

Very nice raised bed 🙂 Your tomatoes look happy. Mulching sure does help with the watering.


Nice job the raised bed looks great. Noticed you have a whirlly gig, does that help with keeping the birds away from your garden at all ?
Keep the info and updates growing our way :-{}

mhpgardener says:

I always comment and hit the like button. And I also never win any kind of drawings or contests. Which means I don’t stand a snowball cauliflowers chance of winning that little seeder ! Besides, I wouldn’t want to break my losing streak. Oh yea, the raised bed looks very nice.

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