How to Plant a Hanging Basket

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Tim Pollak, outdoor floriculturist, shows us how to plant a side-planted moss-lined hanging basket for shade to enjoy this summer. You can find plants for your hanging basket at A Bloomin’ Festival on May 14-16 or you can buy them already planted at the sale.



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juandaxy1 says:


TheBonsailover says:

It’s not worth doing it this way cause your pants will get all mutilated and deformed, they might recover some day but the
final product at that time would be disgusting.

chicagobotanicgarden says:

You want to keep the holes you make in the moss liner small so the plant stays in securely. If you make the hole large enough for the plant to go in from the front, you may have soil falling out or the plant falling out eventually. Hope that helps!

TheUnfriended says:

I don’t understand why you don’t pull the plant through the outside to the inside by the root ball? Your plants wouldn’t get damaged that way

Ontariozone5 says:

I usually push the compressed root ball into the planter and then spread them inside to spare the foliage, it seems to work well. Why are these done the other way?
Lovely planter, thanks!

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