In That an Herb in Your Pocket? (vertical gardening)

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Thinking outside the box was the theme of this presentation on vertical gardening by horticulturist and director of the Charleston Parks Conservancy Jim Martin. Watch as he gets creative. If you like this video, consider a donation to the Conservancy to support more projects like this.

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charlestonparks says:

We buy ours at a local garden center. @growitvertical, thanks for the online suggestion!

growitvertical says:

If you have the time you can build your vertical garden from scratch or you can buy an Oregon Breather, hang it on your fence or wall and start planting. It’s about the same size, has grommets for easy hanging, it’s made of a material that allows the roots to get air plus holds some moisture so frequent watering is not required. Find it at verticalgardeningsystems under the category of soft textile pockets, $56.

1Serval says:

haven’t found the cocoa mat rolls — where do you get them?

TropicalJosh says:

I have no idea what “THIS” is….

9k8money says:

it looks really nice but it would have bbeen better to see you do it instead of telling us

9k8money says:

i did this ,,, i did this is not very good for me because i like to see what you just said cause i am lost as to how you didi it
can you make a video as to how you started it

charlestonparks says:

@The831Z: The idea was to use tropical, epiphytes, that normally grow on trees in the tropics. They don’t have their roots in soil like we tend to manage them. The following year, Jim dismantled the plants from the board and reused them in another design.

The831Z says:

i have seen other projects like this, as like the other people dont think about the plant in long term, roots will come out and will get root rot….smashing the roots can damage the plant and kill it, not cool….first think of what your doing before doing it, so you dont come out looking dumb and stupid, big fail in my opining lol

satinhooks says:

does marine board leach toxins?

wildenside says:

This is coco fiber mat, used in hanging baskets.

TheHectorsilva1 says:

what is the name of the material he is using, i cannot find anything like that??

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