Japanese Garden “Before & After” Lee’s Oriental Landscape Art

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“Traditional to just the touch of the Orient”. This is just a small sample of “Before & After” landscape designs. We are a full service landscape design company specializing in Japanese Gardens. We also train and raise specimen plants at our private nursery. For additional information and more slide shows, go to www.orientallandscape.com. Servicing the Washington Metropolitan area for four decades.

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Oscar Bottura Filho says:

Track 1

Oscar Bottura Filho says:

Track 1 

88mroux says:

Which song track 1, track 2, or track 3?

Oscar Bottura Filho says:

Please, does anyone know the name of this song?

88mroux says:

The theme starting at 7:04 sounds Like the song titlted “Save the best For Last”!

Arteolike says:

What are the bushes that i see you use in most of these landscapes, the little small hedges that look around 2′ wide and 2′ tall?

Nbilist Bil says:

What is the name of the first song? It is so nice and I need to find it. Is there anyone who knows that?

huet1996 says:


Isaac Palmeros says:

I prefer to say it in Spanish: MAGNIFICO !!! Nice Video and nice song.

Kevin Stockenstrand says:

soo nice house!!!!!

OrientalLandscape says:

The tree is a trained Hollywood Juniper (Juniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’). You can see many examples of all ages on our nursery video.

thegreangardener says:

Lovley, may I ask what the first song is cald plese you see it’s going to be stuck in my head untill i know the name of the song and some times i can get stuck on a song for days. I know the words jus’t dont remeber what its cald.

davey jones says:

what is the second piece of music called

sleben11 says:


LanaV6 says:

Very beautiful. Oriental gardens are calming and soothing. Yet! Full of life. Great job with everyone of those. :o)

Rayraymai says:

what is that tree called on 8:37? thanks very much

OrientalLandscape says:

Most definitely, our clients always have the final decision. Our designs are created starting from the initial consultation and site analysis. Final design is created, taken into account the informations provided, location, and budget.

keledjuarez19 says:

does the client have a saying on the garden? or how do you deiced what to put in there

OrientalLandscape says:

The red tree is a Japanese Maple. I’m not sure which cultivar that was but I believe it’s the Acer Palmatum ‘Bloodgood’.

OrientalLandscape says:

Some open areas are part of the design and some areas between the plants are spaced taken into account the plant growth. You don’t want to create a design that after only few years things are over congested. We place landscape fibers under the gravel and stones but not under the plants. Mulch alone will deter much of the weed growth. A yearly fresh layer will also prevent the weeds and will freshen the look of the garden.

psychobunny32 says:

what kind of tree is at 00:41?

kamo202 says:


lomont3 says:

Hey @orientallandscape what’s the song called at 5:13

ksionc100 says:

Thank you for quick answer. Landscape fibers – so that’s what they’re called in English. You make a good job hiding them under the bark/gravel. I think this type of plantings where you have a couple of plants and a sea of empty area underneath is especially popular in the US. It looks best with the gravel IMHO. I was always wondering how much attention this clean area needs to be maintained. I guess the fibre reduces the amount of necessary refillment.

ksionc100 says:

@OrientalLandscape I’ve got a question. In your designs I see lots of empty areas under shrubs that are covered with mulch. Do you also put the extra material beneath to prevent weeds from rooting??? If not, how much effort does it take to keep these areas clean without hired labour?

09simpleguy1 says:

para sa gustong magpa-landscaping pls visit my facebook account: “GP Landscaping” para sa karadagang design

myles117 says:

man i wish i had the dough to do half of that shit

JeanKM1 says:

All great. Somehow the smaller spaces seem to lend themselves to the most remarkable transformations.

kathberry8 says:

..I know, I feel the same way!!…

hitmanch47 says:

nice! I hope to do this to my property as well

Waterfall714 says:


iLOVENATURE2011 says:

a quick tutorial in landscaping…i like the before and after stint… cool…

88mroux says:

These sound like not only 3 different themes but also with titles can anybody tell me what they are?

moawiah balawneh says:

really beautiful.

nattygirldred says:

I gotta say, this video was so great I just randomly came across it. Your work is beautiful. Seems like you create spaces for blessings to flow. Stuff like this reminds me to never stop working towards my goals. LOL I know kinda deep. all this from a zen garden landscape 🙂

junebug3509 says:

awesome makes you totally relaxed.

PuppyP00Pie says:

ur garden is massive

nthaat says:

would love a garden like this but i aint got about 10 grand spare lol hats off to the workers on these

Duraid Hanna says:

very nice wow

emacwakeup says:


Rebushd says:

Nice !!!

2ndchanceinlife says:

you are made out of money!

88mroux says:

In the words of Vanessa Williams, “Save the best for Last”

SyrenaDelMare - Ascetico says:

Wonderful landscapes

rhonda6004 says:

beautiful work

1800earnit says:

Wow you guys did a great job – we just finished one ourselves. its certainly worth the effort when you see it all done.

calum61 says:

very nice!! wonderfull transformations.

MrEdimal says:

Something beautiful, the greeting

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