PONDGURU – Water feature at consett

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Water feature was constructed with stone from site that was drilled and stacked over a 150 litre container.Pump is Pondtec 2500. Feature still needs cobbles / slate chippings adding, but was installed as part of job for Creative Gardens, who will plant around and add aggregate. www.pondguru.co.uk

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gocool says:


pondguru says:

The 2500 litre per hour pump is capable of about 7 gal / min. at that head and it is turned down slightly to eliminate splash loss. There are 4.54 litres in a UK gallon, but more in a US gallon…. Jees… if Hitler had won, we’d all use the same measurements, speak the same language and not have to explain ourselves Keep digging bro.

MrWaterfalls says:

that pump is not a 2500 its only producing about 2 gallons a minute. my water feature display about 60 gallons a minute.

Виктор Суханов says:

интересное видео,( я этим занимаюсь профессионально) но я бы сделал поток воды сильнее , я думаю смотрелось более эффектно.

IloveSPIDERZ says:


John Simpson says:

thats cool

gardenmagik says:

very nice..

Terry Williams says:

nice job. will look great as it weathers in!!

David Howarth says:

looks really good, you can do one for me!!!

Kribensis007 says:

nice :D

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