Raised Garden Beds: How To Build

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Raised garden beds are great because you control the quality of the soil and the weeds. There are many ways to build a raised garden, cinder block, tires, wood, etc. This is the design my wife liked the best. She explains why and how to build it.

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MrUrbangreen says:

You have to see our raised garden beds …..Go to my channel …… MrUrbangreen

LDSPrepper says:

We used 4×4’s to build our raised beds.

LDSPrepper says:

There are many ways to garden. Find what you like and enjoy gardening.

theroadrunnermeep says:

I saw a video by another user who used large containers. Looked something like white barrels that he cut in half. They seemed to make rather good raised planters. So I am wondering which way is better? Would the barrel be bad for your plants or something?

chivone21 says:

That’s exactly true!

coldone25 says:

I found the same plans on This old house website and also planning on using 4×4’s instead of 6×6 which need to be custume ordered and are expensive.

LDSPrepper says:

Thank you. We did try the wider beds but they were hard to work with because off all of the bending over and stretching. It was hard on the our backs.

Ember927 says:

I think it could still be 42-48 inches wide not including the top peice because your top peice is so nice and wide you can sit on it and then reach across. But wow these are beautiful great job!

LDSPrepper says:

@luvintherawlife I was pretty excited when I watched it too. I’m glad you liked it.

LDSPrepper says:

@luvintherawlife I have come across a great, easy, very inexpensive way to garden. Watch the video on BackToEdenFilm com. 

LDSPrepper says:

That was true ten years ago. Not any longer. They have changed how the treat the wood.

Stugazo21 says:

I heard pressure treated wood was not a good idea.. Chemicals in the wood.
looks great but confused about the wood now..

LDSPrepper says:

Yup, you missed it. Here it is youtube.com/watch?v=7qVxU2OVaT0

mloustalot1 says:

I’ve been watching your gardening and prepping videos with great interest, and tho I have glanced your irrigation system, I have not found a video on it. . I am especially challenged by the drought this summer and have not gotten good results from my cukes or melons, I think, because of it. . Have I missed your irrigation video? Or can you point me to one you’ve seen that may be useful in telling me how to set one up? Many thanks. .

swordofdixie says:

I’m curious about your choice of pressure treated wood. I’ve heard a lot of warnings about the wood transfering poisons to your plants. Did the sealant you used on the wood protect the soil from toxic transfers? I can’t afford cedar either.  Nice looking raised beds. The next ones I build will look like yours!

19Photographer76 says:

Your planter boxes due look nice but I’m very surprised you used pressure treated wood and then a petroleum product for staining?

BR98133 says:

These raised beds look very nice. Mine don’y look as good, but I used the same type of wood. I used 4 inch screws. But since everyone has to see them, it is really nice when they look so pleasing.

LDSPrepper says:

We used 1/2″ CPVC. It is kind of yellow and softer then PVC so it bends easier. We hammered in 1/2″ square staples to hold the pipe. I think they are called wire staples. We bought them at Home Depot. Weed block is a cloth that allows water to drain through it but the weave is tight enough that weeds can’t grow through. Check the gardening section of HD.

LDSPrepper says:

My wife is really the gardener. I do the fruit trees. However, to answer your question we have crops in year around in the garden. We do that by using plastic over the plastic pipes over the garden beds. Right now we have strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, onions, sweet peppers, spinach, sweet peas and tomatoes. We have taken out our winter crops like lettuce, kale and chard.

SMprepnNancy says:

What crops are you planting beside tomatoes?
We have built two beds for squashes that have a long shelf life. The melons got their own 5×5 box too.
The three beds for tomatoes and cukes, beans. Also box greens for salads.
Last year we got a late start, but we have a nice early start this year.
Going out to build a couple of small boxes for the bell peppers this morning.
God bless! thanks.

kellyayn2012 says:

Thanks for doing the video. Its going to be very useful to me.

oldgeekster1 says:

Very nice – Thank You!

usfreedom22 says:

Thanks Ms. LDS Prepper. Great video.

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