Rock Making, Water Features Training Preview

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Something Better Co. Rock Making & Water Features Training Course Covers All Methods From Start To Finish In Creating High End Water Features & Artificial Rocks. Covers All the Methods, Techniques and Trade Secrets used in the Synthetic Rock & Water Feature Industry as well as Our Own Exclusive Methods, and Raw Material Formulations to efficiently Construct High End Water Features, Pools, Ponds & any size scale of Realistic Fake Rocks. Covers Basic Cements, Hydraulic Cements, Hybrid Polymers, Aggregates, Synthetic Aggregates, Colorants, & Sealant options for all Application Methods. Rebar & Metal Lathe, (Strong Hollow Rocks) All Solid Fill Methods, Metal Lathe over large throw away containers, (Large Rocks, minimal material & labor) all Methods of Skeleton Stacking, Fiber Reinforced Molded Rocks & Light Weight Cliff Panels. (large amounts of square footage for minimal amounts of material & labor) Troweling, Stamping, Specialty Texturing, Sculpting Techniques, as well as our own exclusive methods of Replicating Textures & Creating Finishes that do not look man made. Covers how to create High End Finishes through the use of Specialty Material Blends, Advanced Texturing, Multi-Colored Cements & Vast options of Color Stacking Procedures.

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betterpaths says:


gumper5242 says:


betterpaths says:

A residential back yard, and it has a variety of steel from 1/4 inch pencil rod up to 5/8 inch rebar for the large upper rocks. Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated, take care.

keenefx says:

What was your venu for this construction, a zoo?
I noticed you have bent rebar, i’m guessing it is a thin gauge, but will that negatively effect its load bearing ability?
How long did it take to complete the project?

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