Spring Garden part 2 ~ Plants

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addendum to Spring walkaround

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19Photographer76 says:


19Photographer76 says:

Thanks, yours too!

SteveHarpster says:

love those raised beds, nice job

mmmee2 says:

I added this latest video to In the Garden. sorry no link, at the moment.
Your garden is real and useful. Mine is merely a little fantasy, with weeds.

19Photographer76 says:

Thanks Maggie, I always love it when you stop by. My gardens aren’t as ‘intimate’ as yours:))

mmmee2 says:

Your plants are all looking so very good. A couple zuccini is all you need
Yes, I hear the birds. They will get those strawberries as soon as they are ready.
Oh… wow you have a walnut burl, too! Fantastic. The Cherry one is going to be really nice.

19Photographer76 says:


19Photographer76 says:

Bobby, your too funny! The better the tree, the more in demand the burl.

sugerbear520 says:

Looks good

mhpgardener says:

I had no idea what a burl was. So I looked it up real quick. Folks pay good money for those things.Gonna have to go check around in the woods..do a little burl hunting. 🙂

19Photographer76 says:

Yes, a lot went into the beds after the first video. The plants had been moved out side and I was afraid of loosing them to getting pot bound. The other burls are Doug fir, any value there as they are very large. I have a lot of black Walnut, one piece must be 6″ x 10″ by 18″

Ya, turning the soil every year in those deep beds gets me back in shape:))

garygardens says:

Wow, lots of things planted since last video. I know what you mean about taking time to get the soil to a good point. Last year it finally started to pay off and I’m expecting grand things for this year. I like that your beds are deep. I made mine too shallow but will fix that soon. Great burl! Being cherry, it’s worth some good money. If you ever want to get rid of it… lol.

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