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Tomatoes are one of my favorite garden plants.This is my new raised bed I made for my my tomato plants this year. It’s 4 foot by 6 foot and made out of untreated lumber. I used framing brackets and square head screws to assemble it. One you have the cut wood at home, it really only takes a few minutes to put it together with a battery powered drill. I dug out 3-4 inches of the old grass and dirt to make the bed deeper and to get rid of some of the clay soil underneath. To fill the bed, I used perlite, peat moss, Pro Mix, Happy Frog Organic soil, regular potting soil, a small bag of composted manure, mushroom compost, earthwork castings, Just Right Xtra soil-less mix, gypsum, and glacial rock powder. After planting, I added coco mulch to finish. I watered in the plants at planting time and due to the mulch and rain, have not had to water once since! Please leave a comment to have a chance to win a free packet of tomato seeds and a hand seed sower as well and please rate this video! Thanks for watching!

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