Unrealistic Gardening Expectations

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Grab a cup of coffee or soda or glass of juice and join me in my indoor wonderland of green where I explain how to achieve realistic gardening expectations as well as show some more tips on successfully growing various organic vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, bush beans…and even potatoes! I’m having a great day today, but it’ll be even better if I could get you to take a few minutes to hang out with me. It’s always funner when you drop in. ­čÖé ps: I promise not to throw potting soil this time, ok? Backyardhomesteader: www.youtube.com Help Feed hungry families: www.americanseedalliance.org Randy and Mandy

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Sonya Collins says:

Hi Ray…!!!
How do you grow Soursop/Guanabana from seed… Please Please Please´╗┐ make a video.. Love your work…!!!

Praxxus55712 says:

Thank´╗┐ you for joining me here. Mornings in the garden are my favorite episodes too. ­čÖé

MsForestFox says:

I have been watching your videos and they always make me feel good and am learning alot. I really like the ones early´╗┐ mornings in the garden with coffee. Thank you!

nereidapr1 says:


Praxxus55712 says:

My name is Ray. If possible I’d appreciate if the Praxxus55712 Youtube channel´╗┐ would be mentioned. I’m happy you enjoy the programs. Feel free to rebroadcast any episodes on this or the VoodooGarden channel. ­čÖé

eric zeidler says:

Thanks so much, can I use your name? We always are very careful about
helping and not using anyones video’s for anything other than how they were
made. Our goal is to highlight´╗┐ you and others who are on your shows. Thanks
again, God Bless ERIC will let you know when your show will be aired. Looking in Oct.

Praxxus55712 says:

Rebroadacast can be performed via using the “share” link. This will ensure the ads are intact on each´╗┐ video. I do not mind if you rebroadcast in this manner.

eric zeidler says:

Hi, Love your show, very´╗┐ comfortable, made me feel at home. We are CTF-TV a 24/7 Internet TV/Radio, would you be interested in allowing us to re-broadcast your shows on our site? If so, email me at ctf_tv@yahoo.com Thanks in Advance

MrMonkeyMovies says:

is it a good idea´╗┐ if every time my seedling is about to´╗┐ sprout out i cover it with more soil?

Praxxus55712 says:

Nobody troll here. ´╗┐

TheDragongrower says:

Someone got on my channel and trolled´╗┐ everyone

mafei777 says:

Thanx for the gardening tips.´╗┐ I will try it.

raiderrob672 says:

sorry to be´╗┐ so glummie.I love your videos thanks

Praxxus55712 says:

You can definitely transplant them. The´╗┐ sooner the better.

superslyfoxx1 says:

Hi! I have a question about bush beans. I have some started and they are already flowering but I am afraid I have then in too small of a container. I was thinking of tranplanting them (in a larger container) I may make a video for you´╗┐ to see. I made my first video and posted it yesterday. Gardening is fun.

Warndog9 says:

Oh and thank you´╗┐ so much for your videos. It’s not the same ol stuff you see everywhere. an even bigger thanks for your tips on UBER pruning your peppers, so far thats working incredibly well for me, they look much better than the ones i just let go. but the proof is in the harvesting, we shall see!

Warndog9 says:

You summed it up really well. This is my first grow year and´╗┐ I’ve been studying for the past year n planning. I thought I had it all figured out, that I’d go through with little to no probs… boy was I wrong. I’ve been having problems out the butthole lol. But I haven’t lost any plants yet so I guess that’s good and I know I’ll be far better prepared for next year.

Praxxus55712 says:

I only grow a few herbs but they’re outside in the raised beds. I need the indoor space for the tropical weirdness I have gotten myself into lately. lol

ps: I messaged my mailing´╗┐ info to you. Thanks! ­čÖé

edicatdigit says:

I’m totally for growing potatoes, having spent some time in Idaho. Hey Ray, are you familiar with Strawberry Spinach? It’s a plant that you eat the leaves like spinach, and it has pretty red berries you eat like…uh, berries. I have a few seeds I could send you, if you think you’d like to grow it. Do you grow any herbs like basil indoors? Or are you more plants and veg? I’ve already watched lots of vids, but you have MORE than a lot! (NOT complaining!)´╗┐ Let me know on the spinach seeds.

GladiatorShield says:

you´╗┐ are a genius

Swansen03 says:

just as a recommendation, try Jerusalem artichokes(sunchokes) as an alternative to potatoes. zero maintenance´╗┐ plant yet their tubers are more nutritious than potatoes.

Praxxus55712 says:

Fungua gants are easily controilled with Neem for a soil drench to kill their larvae along with a pyrethrin spray to kill the adults on contact. Both treatments are natural, harmless to plants as well as people. Not a´╗┐ single gnat survived this two fisted punch. ­čÖé

1shadowification says:

don’t you ever have gnat problem with your indoor plants? if yes, what you do´╗┐ to get rid of them?

skimenneske says:

try and put up some chilled out and slow, background music..´╗┐ that would be sooo good ­čÖé plants love jazz..

willyham72 says:

i like your channel pal , keep it´╗┐ up

aahhhyess says:

What an enjoyable´╗┐ approach. You are encouraging & share cool plants. Thank you!

Praxxus55712 says:

You can do it. You won’t get as many potatoes as if you grew them outdoors but it would be fun to have taters growing indoors. Give them the sunniest window you can and go´╗┐ for it! ­čÖé

michelle ellis says:

you are a cofeeholic´╗┐ just like me!!! *grin*

porscheleenj says:

Do you think its still possible to grow them indoors assuming that I´╗┐ keep them by a window?

Praxxus55712 says:

It´╗┐ is 100% possible to do that! Go for it! ­čÖé

porscheleenj says:

Do you think it’s possible to grow potatoes (actual decent sized potatoes) in a recycling bin full´╗┐ of soil and compost?

Metal8Lover says:

lol like it’s going to stop´╗┐ anyone.

Praxxus55712 says:

You sure are a bundle´╗┐ of happiness aren’t you?

raiderrob672 says:

Passing out food to the homless and needy?better not let the FDA´╗┐ or Department of homeland security know.according to them it is a health and safety violation,oh and BTW organic/backyard gardeners are on the DHS and FBI watch list of terrorest activitys.

kendrs1stangel says:

Tomatillos are actually related´╗┐ to gooseberries.

aquebede says:

Answer: Randy says he’s the boss twice in Getting There Green. Amanda and Randy’s´╗┐ video was entitled, “´╗┐ How to Make Square Foot Gardening Soil Mix – in Real Time”.

Victor orozco says:

Wow you Really make Gardening Look So Easy, yet i know its hard and give you credit for been such a great gardener, I cant really say what plant I like best as they are all amazing, and Do you think its a bad idea to grow 2 tomato plants´╗┐ together?

frozentootsiepop says:

Randy said it twice in the “How to Make Square Foot Gardening Soil Mix – in Real Time” video. Once in the beginning and´╗┐ once in the middle.

JuliaP777 says:

Randy said “I’m da boss!” twice in the video “How to Make Square Foot Gardening Soil Mix – in Real Time”. Also, whom ever the winner may be, can they donate some of their´╗┐ winnings to something. For example if I won could I donate some of my winnings to a place like american seed alliance if I chose so.

wasmirosy says:

I think the answer to the bonus question´╗┐ is: TWICE in ‘How to Make Square Foot Gardening Soil Mix – in Real Time’.

Backyardhomesteader says:

First I would like to say Thank you for the shout-out! I would like everyone to know´╗┐ that is´╗┐ interested in saving seed that I offer a free seed-saving guide on my website american seed alliance.org Also for anyone who donates I will give you a copy of my Garden Journal. Please Note: You must download the reader to view these.

These only work on a PC, sorry Mac users I am working on a version for you. God Bles you all!

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