White Flower Farm – How to Grow Tomatoes in a Container

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If you have an area that receives at least 6-8 hours of sun a day during the summer, such as a patio, deck, or small backyard, you can grow Tomatoes in containers. Any pot roughly the size of a six-gallon bucket will work, as long as it has drainage holes in the bottom. Use a good-quality potting mix because soil from the ground won’t drain well and may rot the plants’ roots. Watch as nursery manager Barbara Pierson tips a young Tomato seedling out of its pot and plants it into a large container. She discusses potting mix and amendments, how deep to plant, when to stake, and the best way to find out if your plant needs water. Visit whiteflowerfarm.com to learn more.

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007jkirk says:

not too small about 30 cm i would have thought

TheTomatogardener says:

It should be a 5 gallon container at least…that would be 20′ diameter.

I think the roots should be “massaged” as well, to stimulate it and let it know that it’s being transferred to different soil.

ZawadiSimone says:

The mentioned that the plant gets big very quickly. How many months specifically will it take to reach the top of the stake?

YourGardenShow says:

Mmm, cannot wait for summer days of freshly picked homegrown tomatoes! Great, informative video.

Monticola22 says:

ya it’ll defiantly make them grow faster if you break them up a bit

coirgreen says:

Does anyone use Growbags (Combination of coco peat and/or husk chips) to grow Tomato’s? Growbags are 100% natural and environmentally sustainable, used widely in the industry due to the benefits of the product for Tomato growing…

Help protect our environment, use environmentally friendly products.

zanpakutogr says:

why don’t you break up the roots when you took the seedling out of the pot? doesn’t that make it grow slower?

DC180 says:

Nice vid… damn.. i think i have packed plants to firm..

fnasring says:

What is the smallest size container suggested to grow tomatoes?

r26y871 says:

Thank you! This was very helpful, as I was wondering about whether I should clip off the leaves before burying the tomato plants deeply. I also did not know about over-watering after there are tomatoes on the plants, as it will cause them to crack! No wonder I kept getting cracked tomatoes in previous years! Do I have to use a tomato fertilizer or will plain ol’ Osmocote do?…and do I absolutely need to fertilize? Thank you so much!

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